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    Re: Geneva font
    site moderator koeiekat
    Dec 18th, 2004 / quote /
    the geneva font. Can anyone suggest a close facsimile.[/quote:5937d8c65e]

    First I thought this can not be true. But for a whole day nothing happened. Thus, OK, everyone has had the chance to shoot but nobody took it. So here we go.

    You want a facsimile of a clone? Or just any clone? Or the Real Thing?

    The clue is in the name: mother is Helvetica. Clones, amongst many, MANY!!!, others are swiss721 and geneva. Comes in 2 versions, one for PC and one for Mac. Slightly different.The Mac version can be found here
    There is even a clone named bern! How imaginative clone makers are! But the worst of all, if you don't mind the minuscule differences;


    redrawn for screen - like the Times New Roman - but - like the Times New Roman - unfit for print - to say the least (Kat's humble opinion).
    So search no further. You've got it. Unless, like all of us, you are waiting for the Emmenthaler.

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