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    site moderator alex
    Aug 1st, 2003 / quote /
    site moderator alex
    Aug 4th, 2003 / quote /
    the problem with that is that i dont have a favourite font for longer than about 30 mins.. and depending on the design/work piece i am mastering.

    There are some fonts that i like to go and admire, but unfortunately they usually cost money...

    bottom line the page would be out of date by the time i would finish it...

    by the way, bitlow is not in the next AF design that is coming soon...

    thanks for the advise though. I love great ideas!!!
    site moderator alex
    Aug 4th, 2003 / quote /
    great... i was thinking of having this section for a while now, but since i am working on a windows font manager as well, didn't want to give exposure to the competition. ;) But most likely there will be a section like this... thanks!
    site moderator koeiekat
    Aug 4th, 2003 / quote /
    Alex, you mean the one that also ... zip ... glyph ... metrics ... editable props and so?

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