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    site moderator alex
    Feb 18th, 2003 / quote /
    Hi Peter!

    The reason that you cannot locate the font is because those fonts are not included in the download. There are almost 10,000 fonts on this site and only 2,424 random faces are included in the download.

    The missing ones you can just download from the website ( right here ) and add them to the 2,424 that you already have.

    the download has the font list that you can take a look at ( ) and you will see that the ones that you have requested here are not on the list. So the best and easiest thing to do is just to download those couple that you are missing.

    hope that helps :D
    site moderator alex
    Feb 18th, 2003 / quote /
    right-click the mouse ( if you dont have one of those one-buttoned mice ) and choose "Download to disk"

    if you get a file rename it to and unstuff... then go on as usual with installing the fonts...

    let me know if that works out for you.

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