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    project ideas?
    site moderator alex
    Dec 2nd, 2002 / quote /
    Hey guys!

    I am looking for a team of crative and talented people to get together (not necessary physically) and work on something big that potentially can make us all rich and famous. I've got talent, energy, ideas and passion to create.

    let me know if you are just the same way, trying to find something to work on or someone to work on something with... ;) there, try saying that a couple times very fast...
    site moderator alex
    Dec 12th, 2002 / quote /
    anything, really...

    i love programming, i love fonts... if it has something to do with programming for fonts, its even better ;)

    even something like a font manager, that would be awesome... preview/manage fonts for Windows... hmm... that's something to think about..


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