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    Solved - Font identification request
    Jun 30th, 2008 - Looks like Bodoni Bold but the sample is too small for me to be sure.
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    Sep 18th, 2008 - ... Caps, but should be "Initials" Industrial can go. As for Foreign look: yes, I agree - but Old West should stay as separate category :) But what about Hebrew and others that doesn't exactly fall into "Oriental"? Plus, I think they ...
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    Mar 10th, 2007 - ... Caps (Ole Schaefer, 1999) and the Meta Bold Caps (Erik Spiekermann, 1991), both available at and the BlissCaps ExtraBold (Designed by Jeremy Tankard for Agfa Division Bayer Corp ...
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    Jan 5th, 2002 - ^- Wow. That's the site that I took a screenshot of! And I even emailed them to ask for the font name. Damn, it's a small internet lol :) Thanks for your reply on the font issue though
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 6th, 2007 - ... caps are reserved for chapter openings (as they should be), so there are few of them. I was only able to spot these 4 letters (some are used more than once at various places). Any ideas on this one? The engraved look of the det ...
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    Jul 12th, 2006 - ... small g is the modern style (like in this font) rather than oldstyle. Does such a font exist? If not, is there any free software with which I can make the modification and resave the font under some other name? Preferably something ...
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    May 31st, 2006 - ... caps was out of delight - not yelling. By re-reading your post and by looking at the cache Google has of the Urban Fonts site : [url= ...
    Sep 5th, 2007 - For the fun of it and because MissJax really, really wanted this thingie. For monograms, so caps only!!
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    Feb 18th, 2009 - ... caps in the following sentences, but Kirk just drove me almost crazy. WILL YOU, ALEX - PLEASE REMOVE THAT TYPEFACE OF HIS FROM HERE - I'M SORRY THAT I'VE UPLOADED IT HERE. WE DON'T NEED SUCH PEOPLE ON OUR SITE....Five days complaining ...
    Jun 4th, 2008 - ... small the market is for these type of fonts and how much work is involved in making a font with so many alternates the price is understandable. And I found no real alternative. If you can live with less - for less money - have a look ...
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    Nov 27th, 2005 - ... CAPS in the version I found (which is a corrupt file) have more of a flourish (which is what I liked) plus the small "l" is more open. Some of the smaller case letters, besides the "l" migh ...
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    May 19th, 2009 - Where can I find Mrs Eaves Small Caps for free?
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    Aug 8th, 2003 - ... small mistake in your code - BYTE buffer[buffsize]; I'll have to use dynamic memory allocation, as bufsize isn't constant. :) Thanks! ...
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    Oct 17th, 2001 - ... small details of the K, O and N. I think, the Chantilly is an alias or clone of the high-end font Gill Sans. There isn't a italic font like this in the Gill font family, so they made one with fontographer... Or the designer of the ...

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    Dec 16th, 2005 - ... caps bigger. But, so sorry Yuri, that's it. ...
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 26th, 2007 - Go to Linotype, the TrueType is $24, cheaper than anybody else. Plus that's the full character map with small caps also.

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    Dec 3rd, 2002 - ... small web hosting business that I will start to expand very soon. Paul ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Aug 24th, 2006 - If it where not fot the apostrope I would have gone for the Adobe Jenson Regular Small Caps. I'll give it one more try.
    May 11th, 2009 - ... smaller than the others. Speaking of small "v","k", "m" and so on. When paired together with other characters they somehow get lost in the flow...especially the "v". I assume that was your idea of making an uniqu ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Apr 26th, 2009 - ... small pic, its of a book I have and I dont have a scanner or digi cam at present so I had to find one on the web. There were aparently two versions of this book, the one I'm seeking being the least common, as this is the ONLY picture ...
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