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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 1st, 2011 - ... painting/map from around 1700 in Sweden. This exact font does probably not exist but does anyone know of a similar one? Mynaruse isn't too far off, but a font with the unique "thorns" on the W and/or the E would be preferred. ...
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    Jan 7th, 2010 - Hi, the character map is in public domain. What would be the legal state if someone grab it and make a typeface out of it? Would it be possible to redistribute the work (for free under OFL)? Bye Bye
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    Jan 8th, 2013 - ... Map application (if you are on windows, or similar) that will show all characters available and you will probably be able to copy / paste them one by one. ...
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 26th, 2007 - Go to Linotype, the TrueType is $24, cheaper than anybody else. Plus that's the full character map with small caps also.
    May 22nd, 2009 - ... map, the chars are not in the normal Latin range but in Special and Reserved. And it doesn't appear to have been replaced by you. Can you email me the font and i will try uploading it? ...

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    Mar 29th, 2005 - ... map you'll understand the name of the font. Lower case, upper case, the exclamation mark, the period and the figures. That's it. I'm pretty sure it was made for one purpose only and there was no need for more and/or other versions. ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 26th, 2010 - Thanks!
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    8. Map.

    Oct 22nd, 2007 - Ahahahahah!
    Sep 23rd, 2007 - Which was clearly visible in the character map.
    Feb 2nd, 2007 - Is the AquilineTwo the sort of font you are after? Or maybe the Treasure Map Deadhand?

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    Apr 23rd, 2003 - Why ask for a font that you already have? [/quote:916c8661d9] lol I don't have it! That's why I'm asking - I could only find the character map but I don't know what then mane of the font is!..
    Jun 20th, 2006 - The characters on the character map don't show when you click on them.
    Aug 14th, 2006 - really? even in the character map previews, many of the letters have the dots sticking to each other... that's bad in my books. i think, once again, bigger is better...
    Mar 13th, 2008 - ... map doesn't show a part of the extended chars? FM works fine on Windows systems (not tested on Mac though, and not using a professional font creation tool), system compatibility / code page issues? Btw. Thank you also for the sen ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 13th, 2006 - Does anyone know where I can find the font that is on the map of Vietnam, is says "Vietnam America's longest war". It's about 30 sec into the flash program. thanks. Tim
    Oct 17th, 2009 - ... map but also can't find the different kinds of alternates. where might i find/ how might i be able to see those other more elaborate letter designs? thanks. ...

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    Aug 13th, 2004 - I traced it with vectors then convertered it to bit map and rubbed out all the excess and coloured it and stuff. Took me forever, but its an improvement!!!! Cheers for your help anyway!!!!!
    Nov 22nd, 2001 - ... MAP ] Select the font you are using and then find it in the window below... For most fonts you can use the key command ALT + 0169 (©) and ALT + 0174 (®) I hope this helps you. ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    May 11th, 2007 - It looks to me like arial rounded with the character map for the special letters .... the a with the two dots is ALT +0228 när vi hittar en lokal och tar itu med klänningen. Da kan jag... Hope that helps BilSam
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Nov 17th, 2007 - ... map, and if it is available? thanks mike ...