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    Feb 8th, 2010 - Hi tried Signature Regular Character map is off and zipped file signatur.ttf is not a correct ttf file ;)
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 14th, 2011 - ... Map Deadhand." There is a direct link to search for Windlass (commercial font) on MyFonts: The search will lead you to: Bye bye ...

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    Apr 12th, 2006 - try any of the fonts that start with "DS" you can confirm that those or any other ones have the characters by clicking the "Charater Map" tab in the font details.
    Feb 18th, 2011 - This font does not install, and there is nothing in it. When the character map is opened, it is completely blank.
    Mar 10th, 2006 - ... Map now supports all Unicode ranges. The annoying yellow tool tip in the main font list was deleted. The tip appeared each time when there was no enough space for text in the table cell. Program startup is much faster. Many othe ...
    Oct 12th, 2006 - ... map... Any thoughts? ...
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Oct 3rd, 2014 - Hello font experts! I'm trying to figure out what font is used in this old map for the word TARRYTOWN. Identifont tells me Algerian, but that can't be right. Any help on figuring this out would be appreciated! Thanks,
    Dec 7th, 2004 - Anyone know of a map symbol font that would include symbols for wetlands - swamp, saltmarsh, etc.?
    Feb 8th, 2010 - Character map doesn't show. Alex?
    May 12th, 2008 - Based on the designer's (my) hand printing using fine-tipped marker. Includes Euro symbol and other extended characters not shown in character map here at --Steve
    Mar 11th, 2008 - ... Map). Works best on titles and at larger sizes. Enjoy! ...