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    Oct 8th, 2007 - ... plain ones arent!!! Would you happen to have it !!!koeiekat!!! ...
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    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Feb 26th, 2009 - I'm sorry, Kat, but I am not sure to get what you mean with «open». Is it like Caslon Open Face, this are you asking me? If so, no. A plain font. Badly damaged, I admit, by the time passing by.
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    Jun 4th, 2006 - ... plain shameful plagiarism. It is piracy, theft. You were willing to pay for posts appearing on your forum. So that is what I and the one that feeds me demand from you. The fee is 50 Euro per post. Payable to t ...
    Jun 21st, 2009 - ... explaining to you. If you don't understand what she is saying, too bad for you - what is your native language??? As for Illustrator - the Live Trace function is just plain hilarious and I won't recommend it to ...

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    Dec 2nd, 2002 - ... plain HTML to PHP. They were scared of it because it looked like a lot of work. After we go the site converted they thanked me and gave me a raise. Unfortuanlly I my business started going well so I quit :). Paul ...
    Sep 3rd, 2006 - ... plain and boring)! My site were you can see the logo is at Thanks all ...
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    Jun 10th, 2008 - I can't understand... :) I mean, that is plain orange or, in CMYK values, something like M50Y100. Maybe even lighter in magenta. It's like a code, isn't it? I'm supposed to solve the mistery or die, like a film star?
    Jan 7th, 2009 - ... plain HTML it is not possible to make items flow in that way and have dynamic columns. On the other hand, enough people have expressed their concerns about it for me to consider coming up with a solution. Stay tuned. ...

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    Sep 12th, 2003 - Sure. But those are probably all heavily compressed jpgs. That's not crisp enough. and highres scans? I doubt it. Most scans I see on the web are plain garbage. Take my advice: make your own scans. Good ones.
    Solved - Font identification request
    Oct 27th, 2006 - An exact match for the parenthesis is a font called Plain.
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    Sep 18th, 2008 - ... plain english each of those? 6. Slab? "Normal + Sans + Square" My suggestions: 7) Add "People" for dingbats and other fonts that feature human shapes, faces, etc. Also, "Animals" 8) Merge Initial and Display under "Initial ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Feb 21st, 2008 - actually tbh ive searched and search and still no look it seems to be just plain fonts :( any help?!

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    Jun 25th, 2003 - Gotcha!! BM Plain. Hope that's what you were looking for! Relievedly, -Trnquist
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    May 28th, 2007 - ... plain fontbat of the alphabet letters in a simple circle, similar to the number sets in our beloved ITC Zapf Dingbats. I cannot imagine that it was not one of the first sets created, however I do not remember actually seeing it and ca ...
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    Sep 10th, 2006 - ... Plain is there to be used as initial capital for the other Liliths. And, @dani:and an offsubject question:do you help people who don't like cats?:) Always better to be nice to the cats. Their claws can strech far ... ...

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    Apr 2nd, 2005 - The font is called QT Bengal.[/b:f222b2b4ef][/quote:f222b2b4ef] A plain copy of the Benguiat. Quality Type :oops: just changed the name. Nothing else.

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    Aug 17th, 2005 - ... Plain' by Esselte Letraset. Remember the thing from the times we only had Letraset when we wanted someting a bit less common. As almost all Letraset designs also this one has been 'found'. This time in '98 by the Isis Type Foundry who ...
    Nov 12th, 2010 - Hi all, Are there any fonts with plain square/rounded backgrounds? For example, a white coloured font on a black background Thanks
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    Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 19th, 2006 - To me it actually just looks like a plain font like Arial just decorated up a bit, and some of the letters are just squished together a bit (the R and the A)
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    Jan 17th, 2008 - Apart from the fact that MicroFLF is a plain forward copy of the Eurostile - what is it doing here Ivan? - copyright does not vaporize when one dies.