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    Oct 4th, 2008 - ... Futura-Condensed-Normal... but it think it is not... What is it please? At the bottom one (It Must Have Been Love) - is it Futura Md Bt? Again I am not 100% sure. I would appreciate some help. Th ...
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    Feb 17th, 2008 - For Manhattan the cigar goes to Bitstream's Square Slabserif 711, probably the Light. Bar&Restaurant you know I assume ... Eurostile (again) ...

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    Sep 9th, 2003 - ... light. -Big T ...
    Dec 9th, 2006 - Can any one help me get these fonts? If there is any availability of similar fonts... can any one tell me please? 1. ITC New Baskerville Roman 2. Gill Sans mt Pro Light 3. Gill Sans mt Pro Medium Thanx!
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    Aug 25th, 2010 - ... Light or Thin insted. Bye bye ...
    Jul 8th, 2008 - ... light with a white background. But the light needs to be on and show a little color on that white background. If I just use a brush and white out some area around the light hitting the table ...
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    Jul 12th, 2006 - ... Futura or Avant Garde. If you have time to search take a stroll here at the Old English-Department (have a look at a [modified] Humboldt Fraktur for example). Or if you really have much time see Dieter Steffmanns site or e ...
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    Apr 9th, 2014 - ... Light wieder über einen exklusiven Release von britischen Einzelhändler Größe gesichtet ? . Synchronisiert der " Endurance" -Pack, ist eine schlanke Motiv auf der Retro- Rückläufergesehen , mit Duo- Tönen zieren die Oberteil au ...
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    Jan 25th, 2012 - the Medium weight of my popular Arkitech Light is here. Also check the updated Arkitech Light, I reworked that annoying uppercase M :)
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    Jul 9th, 2012 - Has anyone found a font that complements nicely with Existence Light? Thanks!
    Not Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 18th, 2012 - hi can you help for identification? i think like century gothic/ futura but some number are different thanks :)

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    Mar 30th, 2009 - Hi there, anyone know the name of the PEAK DISTRICT font? I think it's Futura, just want to have it confirmed by someone far more knowledgable than me. Many thanks
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    Jul 20th, 2007 - does anyone know this font? it´s similar to EF Futura Script but it got some differeces... it would be also good to kno the swash what it the name of its font. thank you

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    Aug 6th, 2010 - Hi, anyone knows any typefaces similar to the attached? And what is used for Toormix Newspaper at Thin and light? Thanks so much!
    Jun 24th, 2009 - Can anyone link me to a free version of Serpentine Med & Light or at least a close alterative version? PLEEEEEEEEEEZ thanx
    Mar 19th, 2016 - ... Light. • Only for personal use. • Numbers in my web. • Commercial version available with Italics: ...
    Nov 29th, 2006 - Quote: "A light sans serif designed for Susanna Lakner’s ‘22 Days’ mail art project. The characters were drawn on each of 22 evenings throughout November 2004. In December the drawings were scanned to create the Susanna font."
    Feb 4th, 2008 - The bold version of 'a la nage' that is missing in the zip file of the regular (light) version.
    May 23rd, 2007 - Very cool family, although poorly named
    Apr 24th, 2011 - ... light on this. thanks in advance ...