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    May 29th, 2006 - ... 4th Floor - Suite (mt) N. Hollywood, CA 91602 US +1.8005784000 Fax: +1.8183012774 Registration Service Provider: (mt) Media Temple, 877-578-4000 818-301-2774 (fax) http://www.medi ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Jul 2nd, 2008 - You are awesome, have been searching for hours! Greatly appreciate your help!! Have a great day and a Happy 4th weekend!
    Solved - Font identification request
    May 15th, 2008 - OK, 4th attempt to post this... I'm after a font that's very like Eras but without the slight curve and slant. Example attached, many thanks in advance for any clues
    Nov 25th, 2008 - ... 4th and Inches by Abdulmakesfonts. Good luck. ...
    Solved - Font identification request
    Sep 17th, 2008 - Yes, The Kat knows ... and now you know too. It is the Pea Missy Cursive. 4th font on the page.