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    comment I'm making a metal version of this for a friend but can't even come close to finding the font. Any ideas?
    comment uploaded image Good job on the Marine font but what about the font that they use in their logo? I'm wanting to cut this out of a piece of metal.
    comment uploaded image Anybody knows which font is it?
    comment view details for free font #10387 it doesnt work!!!
    comment I've found it! I've uploaded it onto the site under "Teacher's Pet" and it is just pending approval. I got it from a friend of a friend after a hell of a search myself! Enjoy...!
    comment view details for free font #16534 6th Aniversario is a rounded condensed typography, handwritten and elegant, perfect for writing good advertising titles in graphic design of posters, flyers or publications in general where space saving and readability is required. Includes the Bitcoin symbol. Bitcoin symbol (ligatures): b# ========================== The Commercial version includes: - 492 glyphs. Latin Extended-A • OTF & TTF - 6th Aniversario font can be used unlimited for both Commercial and Personal projects. - OpenType Functions: Fractions, Alternate Annotation Forms, All Alternates, Superscript, Superiors, Slashed Zero, Superior letters, Localized Forms, Numbers Small Caps, Inferiors, Scientific Inferiors, Discretionary Ligatures, Numerators, Standard Ligatures, Subscript, Extended Fractions, Ordinals, Denominators, Oldstyle Figures, Historical Forms. ========================== FREE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE:
    comment Does anyone know this font? :)
    comment It also looks like Sant’Elia Script?
    comment I've tried the font matcherator etc, but no luck. I thought it might have been some kind of 'Bickham', but the ampersand doesn't look right.
    comment Can someone tell me what kind of writing this is?
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