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  1. Utopia by Adobe, 29.00 USD
    Utopia is an Adobe Originals text face designed by Robert Slimbach in 1989. It combines the vertical stress and pronounced stroke contrast of eighteenth-century Transitional types like Baskerville and Walbaum with contemporary innovations in character shapes and stroke details.
  2. Eutopia by Tipofil, 8.50 USD
    I was inspired by the letters of the mythical “Ideales” tobacco package, designed in 1936 in Barcelona by Carlos Vives, director of the designers studio of the Rieusset graphical industry. We have also studied other geometrical models from the 1920s, to be highlighted among them the alphabet drawn by Cornelis André Vlaanderen at Amsterdam in 1928, which would have been very probably the inspiration for the famous tobacco package.
  3. Utopian by Sudtipos, 39.00 USD
    UTOPIAN is a color font family based on primary colors and pure geometric shapes, influenced by Bauhaus, DeStijl and Art Deco. Its pure shapes and basic colors are inspired by the beauty of simplicity of modular order and grid, creating a perfect environment where all these elements live in a perfect color harmony. In the other hand, DYSTOPIAN, the black and white family, represents a close sibling in appearance and structure, that carries an opposite meaning, with a darker look and feel. Both typefaces are, somehow, a reflection of the divided views and posible outcomes that the future times ahead yield before us.
  4. BM utopia - Unknown license
  5. SUPREXY CE by upirTYPO, 27.00 USD
    SUPREXY CE is monospaced font designed especially for on screen use. With advanced truetype hinting, SUPREXY can be used in 9 different pixelsizes. In addition - when you set size to 16px, you´ll get super-pixel look. Furthermore this font contains many glyphs like emoticons, arrows, borders... and - complete Central European charset.
  6. Stovia by inkstypia, 3.00 USD
    Stovia is a typeface with a modern sans serif style, has a clean, modern and elegant character. Suitable for text fonts, headings, logotypes, or even as display fonts. Come with 5 different weight from Regular to Black, completed with outline/stroke style.
  7. zemiakovy salat CE - Unknown license
  8. Chizzler SemiBold - Unknown license
  9. Paganini-SemiBold - Personal use only
  10. Vitesse SemiBold - Unknown license
  11. Walkway SemiBold - Unknown license
  12. Tosia by ROHH, 40.00 USD
    Tosia is a modern, geometric, clean, elegant and versatile font family designed with neutrality, beautiful proportion and excellent legibility in mind.
  13. GoudyThirty-DemiBold - Personal use only
  14. Mundo DemiBold by Type-Ø-Tones, 40.00 USD
    Mundo DemiBold is the perfect counterpart of the Hannover Modern, the other Javier Mariscal typeface in our catalogue. This nice font belongs to a series of drawings used in the Señor Mundo comic strip of the nineties.
  15. La storia by Abo Daniel, 15.00 USD
    Introducing La storia - a fine tip signature font.Beautiful monoline signature, looking so classy and natural.
  16. Walkway Condensed SemiBold - Unknown license
  17. Walkway Expand SemiBold - Unknown license
  18. Walkway Oblique SemiBold - Unknown license
  19. Walkway SemiBold RevOblique - Unknown license
  20. WILD1 Toxia by The Fontry, 10.00 USD
    Toxia is a creepy—yes, eerie face, like something wet and poisonous clambering out of the swamp. It’s spooky too—yes, but it’s also frighteningly easy to read. Just don't let it drip on you! Toxia is just one font in a package of five known as Wild Bunch Pak #1.
  21. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  22. Bella Copia by Vincenzo Crisafulli, 29.00 USD
    Bella Copia is a font dedicated to the world of childhood, to the writing of primary school children, but can also be used to compose texts or express essential concepts.It can be used for food, fashion, logos and much more. The clarity in the sign wants to express simplicity and immediacy. As far as possible, what is "not needed" has been taken away from individual glyphs.In the illustrations an attempt has been made, by combining images with fonts, to express the concept of cleanliness, simplicity and clarity. It is composed of 314 glyphs to try to embrace as many languages as possible.
  23. URW Topic by URW Type Foundry, 35.00 USD
    URW Topic was published by URW Type Foundry. URW Topic contains 4 styles and family package options.
  24. Art Topic JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    Art Topic JNL is a round-cornered square sans serif in the Art Deco style, and was modeled from a 1930 WPA (Works Progress Administration) poster for the Federal Arts Project.
  25. Yarikha by ActiveSphere, 30.00 USD
    Yarikha is a geometric display font and works best in display applications, such as posters, logos and titles. It has five weights: regular, semibold, demibold, bold and extrabold, each available in italic, making a total of ten styles.
  26. Aldo - Unknown license
  27. Teutonic No1 - Unknown license
  28. Through The Ivy - 100% free
  29. Aspire - Unknown license
  30. DS_Cosmo - Unknown license
  31. Drummon - Unknown license
  32. WC Wunderbach Bta - Unknown license
  33. DS Progress - Unknown license
  34. Fugue - Unknown license
  35. Bearpaw - Unknown license
  36. 1470Jenson - Personal use only
  37. Ikarus - Unknown license
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