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  1. Nasser by Eyad Al-Samman 3.00 USD
    “Nasser” is a Kufic modern Arabic typeface. It is suitable for books' covers, advertisement light boards, and titles in magazines and newspapers. It is very distinctive when used in black and white printout. It decorates colored pages and makes artworks more attractive. This font comes in three different weights.

  2. Saussa by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Saussa was designed by Patricia Roesch-Pothin and published by Linotype. Saussa contains 1 style.

  3. Neusa by The Northern Block 29.00 USD
    Neusa is a condensed geometric sans serif typeface designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya in 2012. This font family comes in eight weights. It was designed as a text based font with strong display characteristics. Neusa was inspired by the early space explorations including the iconic “Life” magazine coverage of the 1969 Apollo program.

  4. PTL Maurea by Primetype 45.00 USD
    PTL Maurea was designed by Ralph du Carrois and published by Primetype. PTL Maurea contains 80 styles and family package options.

  5. Hauser Script by Red Rooster Collection 45.00 USD
    Hauser Script is a freely drawn brush script typeface, which was designed in 1936 by George Hauser for Ludlow. Hauser took advantage of the slanting matrices of the Ludlow machine to create what is possibly the most informal of American brush scripts. Steve Jackaman of International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF) digitally engineered the typeface in 1998.

  6. Aurea Ultra by T-26 39.00 USD
    Aurea Ultra was designed by Mário Feliciano and published by T-26. Aurea Ultra contains 2 styles and family package options.

  7. Baby Nasha by Bejeletter 6.00 USD
    Presenting the Handwritten Font- Baby Nasha is a cute font, can be used easily and simply because there are a lot of features in it to contain a complete set of letters lower and uppercase letters, assorted punctuation, numbers, multilingual support.This font can be used Such as logo branding, editorial design, stationery design, blog design, T-shirt design, modern advertising design, card invitation, art quote, home decor, book/cover title, special events and any more.What is included :lowercase lettersuppercase letterspunctuationnumbersmultilingual

  8. Neusa Next by The Northern Block 33.19 USD
    Neusa Next is a geometric sans serif type family designed by Maria V. Pigoulevskaya. Its wide range of weights, widths and matching italics provides the designer with a complex and rich typographic palette.

  9. F2F BoneR by Linotype 35.00 USD
    F2F BoneR was designed by Stefan Hauser and published by Linotype. F2F BoneR contains 1 style.

  10. F2F Haakonsen by Linotype 35.00 USD
    F2F Haakonsen was designed by Stefan Hauser and published by Linotype. F2F Haakonsen contains 1 style.

  11. Skygirls by Typodermic 4.95 USD
    Skygirls captures the feeling of early to mid 1900’s hand painted advertising script. Skygirls was inspired by ideas from several old metal scripts: Herald, Signal, Hauser, Penflow, Veltro, Kurier & Bison.

  12. Raker by Wordshape 20.00 USD
    Raker is a science fiction-inspired geometric sans serif text typeface family with a humanist influence and solid spacing/kerning. Regular, Display, stencil, and display stencils versions are included. Think NASA. Think the Space Race. Think Geometric. Think “works with text, too.”

  13. Cigar by Durotype 22.00 USD
    Cigar is a revival of a 1970s and 1980s typeface called Cucumber or Nassel Black or Scanner. It has been carefully redrawn and expanded into a full-featured OpenType font. Cigar Octo and Cigar Quarto are new angular reinterpretations of Cigar. In Cigar Octo, most round shapes have been replaced by octagonal shapes. In Cigar Quarto, most round shapes have been replaced by rectangular shapes.Use Cigar to get attention. Use it for headlines, advertisements, magazines, brochures, book covers, corporate design, presentations, websites, signs, event announcements, and for other things that need attention.

  14. Nasalization by Typodermic 9.95 USD
    Nasalization is an ultramodern sans serif typeface with a nod to the 1975 Nasa logo. In OpenType-savvy applications, a slanted M and W will automatically flip or straighten out depending on neighboring characters. You can use the OpenType stylistic alternates feature to add a crossbar to the A. Nasalization is available in 6 weights and italics. The character set includes Greek, extended Cyrillic and covers almost every Latin based language.

  15. Ulm Grotesk by Indian Type Foundry 50.00 USD
    Ulm Grotesk is a family of geometric-style fonts for use at display sizes. Its design is so simplified that it feels quite futuristic. There are five weights on offer, ranging from Light to Extra Bold. The characters have been drawn with optically-monolinear strokes. The capital letters contain quite a lot of character; some of them are markant, too. The ‘J’, for instance, is very wide. The fonts’ default ‘Q’ separates the ‘O’ stroke from the tail visibly; a more traditional-looking ‘Q’ is available as an alternate. The forms of the capital ‘A’, ‘V’, ‘W’, and ‘Y’ are reminiscent of the ‘worm logo’ that was used by NASA in the 1970s and ’80s. The lowercase ‘m’, ‘n’, ‘r’, and ‘u’ are spurless. The high-modernist geometric style of the ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’ call Paul Rand’s iconic ABC logo to mind. The tail of the ‘j’ is a simple, vertical stroke. The ‘g’ and the ‘y’ each have wide, sweeping tails – although, there is an alternate ‘y’ available, with a straight-tailed descender. The fonts’ numerals are the same height as the capital letters. Ulm Grotesk is named after the German city of Ulm. In the 1950’s and ’60s, a famous West German design school operated there. The Ulm School of Design was hailed as a successor to the Bauhaus, and it set important impulses for international graphic and product design. These Ulm aftershocks were felt for the next several decades. The fonts are the work of the Paris-based type designer Ilya Naumoff.

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