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  1. Good Kitty by Fonthead Design 12.00 USD
    Good Kitty was designed by Ethan Dunham and published by Fonthead Design. Good Kitty contains 1 style.

  2. Kiddy Kitty by Alexandra Korolkova 15.00 USD
    Kiddy Kitty is a soft and friendly sans-serif type family which consists of 6 upright italic and 5 italic weights. It supports Western and CE Latin and Cyrillic, and it also has some ligatures and swashes and 16 carefully drawn cat dingbats in each font. Kiddy Kitty is good for greeting cards, children's books and package design. It is designed by Vasily Biryukov with some support of Alexandra Korolkova.

  3. FS Kitty by Fontsmith 50.00 USD
    Kitty is a loving type, a cute headline typeface inspired by the iconic Japanese character. FS Kitty is friendly and cute, great for posters and products, point of sale and sweets!

  4. Ms Kitty NB by No Bodoni 35.00 USD
    Some scribbles on a bar napkin, a note from a cute girl passed in history class, what is there to say but why not a typeface? Actually it's that late night, “let's get this typeface done” madness that causes these flights of fancy. Anything to relieve the boredom of doing all those kerning pairs. Or maybe it's sunspots? Ms Kitty is all uppercase letterforms so there are two versions of each letter, one in the cap position, another in the lowercase position. Besides the regular weight and bold, there’s a bolder and much bolder in the works. And perhaps there will be a "too bold to be believed" version. Depends on the sunspots.

  5. Miss Kitty Delux by Patricia Lillie 49.00 USD
    A little cartoony, a little retro, a little coquettish, Miss Kitty Delux is ready for fun. Used in a non-OpenType aware application, she's a lively little typeface. Use her in an OpenType aware application and she really shines: Contextual Alternates automatically dress her up the way she was meant to be. Gussy her up even more with swashes, ornaments, and more ligatures than you can shake a stick at. Use Stylistic Sets to dress her down or dress her up even more. Take her out to play!

  6. Boo Boo Kitty by Lauren Ashpole 15.00 USD
    Boo Boo Kitty is a blocky font with a halftone style gradient texture. One of the big inspirations for this font was retro comic printing so I tried to keep the background slightly messy to capture that look.

  7. Kitti Casual JF by Jukebox Collection 32.99 USD
    Kitti Casual JF was designed by Jason Walcott and published by Jukebox Collection. Kitti Casual JF contains 1 style.

  8. Fat Kitty Kat by Hanoded 20.00 USD
    Fat Kitty Kat is a hand made, rather bouncy and happy font. It was thought up, drawn and vectorized during an unusually long rainy period in a small Porto hotel room. Kitty Kat's glyphs are rather rough, but legible and fun to use. The font comes with extensive language support and a full range of alternates for the lower case letters.

  9. Katty Signature by Dieza Design 15.00 USD
    Give your design the feel of authentic craft. "Katty Signature" is perfect for stationary, logos and more.

  10. Kottie Script by Utopia19 39.00 USD
    Kottie Script is a new modern script font with an irregular baseline that makes it trendy and feminine. Kottie Script looks lovely on wedding invitations, thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and more. Including initial and terminal letters, alternates, ligatures and multi-lingual support.

  11. Kittle Rough by Talbot Type 19.50 USD
    Kittle Rough is a robust display font with a time-worn texture. It has a strong, pared down look based on bold geometric forms. Loaded with personality, Kittle Rough features a full upper and lower case character set and an extended set of accented characters for Central European languages. It is also available as Kittle Round, with a smooth, clean look.

  12. Kittle Round by Talbot Type 19.50 USD
    Kittle Round is a robust display font, with a strong, pared down look based on bold geometric forms. Loaded with personality, Kittle Round features a full upper and lower case character set and an extended set of accented characters for Central European languages. It is also available as Kittle Rough, with a time-worn look.

  13. Airliner JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Airliner JNL is based on hand-lettering found on a promotional postcard for Kitty Davis' Airliner - a popular Miami Beach night spot of the 1940s.

  14. Leuk by Wilton Foundry 29.00 USD
    The Dutch word “leuk" translates loosely to English as pleasant, jolly, funny, witty, clever, nice, sweet, kind, nice, amusing, entertaining, and funny.

  15. Push Ups by Gustav & Brun 10.00 USD
    Is it ironic? Maybe. Is it a propaganda font? Nope. Is it witty? Yes. Is it suitable for selling ice cream? Very much so.

  16. Benchley by Elemeno 25.00 USD
    The first of the Algonquin fonts, Benchley was inspired by Robert Benchley, whose dignified, witty exterior failed to disguise his love of the spotlight.

  17. French Pastry JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    A little ditty from France circa the 1940s called "J'ai Rêvé Dans Tes Bras" (which loosely translated means "I've Dreamed in Your Arms") offered up its title hand lettered in an interesting Art Deco sans.

  18. Cordially Yourz by Outside the Line 19.00 USD
    Cordially Yourz is a bouncy, witty little font. Sometimes there are no caps, or there are only caps… there is no real baseline… it is a headline font but can be used sparingly as body copy. I wouldn't set a whole book in it but a paragraph could be fun.

  19. Flower And Leaf Borders by Outside the Line 19.00 USD
    30 illustrations of flowers and leaves that can be used alone, in a row, or to make a pattern or border. This simple-to-use witty font is perfect to add some punch to your newsletters, invitations or scrapbooking projects. Outside the Line also has hand drawn alphabet fonts that work nicely with these illustrations.

  20. Transitore by PintassilgoPrints 35.00 USD
    Transitore is a lively hand-drawn font with loads of alternates and ligatures which, managed by advanced OpenType features, help create a convincing handcrafted look. The contextual alternates feature automagically substitute glyphs, providing a cool random effect, while the discretionary ligatures feature bring on witty interlocks and curly elements. Turn on both and multiply the possibilities!

  21. Material by Rocket Type 20.00 USD
    Who made this mess! Material is quintessential paint brush font fun. A little bit grunge, little bit 80s chic. Material is rated R for adult content and violence, violence to the american alphabet. This font soars just like KITT in Knight Rider. Part virtuoso part New Kid On The Block. Feels like you’re painting those letters on yr’ own self!

  22. Dinzy Minzy by The Printers 20.00 USD
    If you are looking for an expressive, witty and whimsical typeface, Dinzy Minzy will beckon to a change of pace for any designer looking to create space, time and lighthearted imagery. This typeface draws you into the message of the mind, lending fresh, new life to party, holiday and grand opening invitations. Whether it's a poster, a billboard, or the card in the mail, Dinzy Minzy will be sure to capture attention and turn on the senses.

  23. Shameless by Positype 59.00 USD
    I will spare you the long-winded description this time and all of the motivations and witty innuendoes. Quite frankly, I forgot about creating this typeface and it sat on my hard drive for almost a year. Luckily, my daughter Isobel saw the initial drawings one day and ask me about those pretty letters and I remembered… yep, that happened. That said, time made this a better typeface… with fresh eyes and time, much was redrawn, retooled and expanded to something I truly enjoy playing with.

  24. Squoosh Gothic by Thinkdust 10.00 USD
    Squoosh Gothic is a serious new contender in the arena of headline fonts. Upright and condensed, Squoosh’s whimsical name belies its true nature. Though, that’s not to say it’s totally devoid of a sense of merriment – it just values a more orderly, regulated kind of tomfoolery. Mad-libs for instance, or The Times cryptic crossword. Its mature but unmistakably witty attitude can go a great distance to lending a sense of culture and an air of scintillation to your designs. Don’t miss out on this sanguine new font, Squoosh Gothic from Thinkdust, available now.

  25. Tita Script by Latinotype 10.00 USD
    Tita is dedicated to my grandmother Hebe, witty and arrabalera 1. The font is inspired by Milonga 2 music and the fileteado porteño 3. I picture it at The Moulin Rouge, sparkling, provocative, loving. It evokes Tita Merello and my grandmum singing her music. Tita is Argentinean to its very core. A font to shout goal and dulce de leche 4 with passion! Its curves originate from polirhythmic calligraphy, which I learnt from my mentor Silvia Cordero Vega. Tita is a pedigree script that is based on hand lettering and Sandra Biondi’s calligraphy works. Font digitalisation by Daniel Hernández. Edited by Javier Quintana / Programmed by Manuel Corradine.

  26. Teddings by Fust & Friends 24.00 USD
    What could be added to the Teddy family to give it a stronger aura of usability and fun? How about a set of dingbats / icons / pictures in a compatible style? We immediately thought of Berlin-based illustrator Bea Davies. She is a stylistic chameleon, and quite resourceful when it comes to thinking solution-oriented; there was little doubt that she would skilfully adapt the unique shapes of Teddy to a striking and useful set of picture glyphs. Bea liked the style and charisma of Minjoo’s Teddy, and soon started to hand in witty Illustrator drawings. Once the set had reached a respectable quantity, Minjoo and Andreas Seidel produced the font, making sure that icons that were registered as Unicode glyphs were assigned to the right slot.

  27. Gambler by Fenotype 15.00 USD
    Gambler is a characteristic display type collection of 7 font styles with both clean and textured -making it total 14 fonts designed to play together. Gambler strikes with witty and elegant appeal combining vintage and modern elements. Gambler is an effective set for creating identities for branding, posters, book covers, headlines, logotypes, prints on garments, restaurant menus, beer labels and so on, both offline and online. Gambler Script is a smooth contrasted script that comes in two weights and it is packed with plenty of OpenType features: Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates are automatically on and they help to keep the flow and connections smooth. From Stylistic Alternates you’ll find characters with pointed endings and some other small variations. For extra flair try Swash or Titling Alternates. Gambler Script is PUA encoded so you can access the extra characters in most graphic design softwares. Gambler Brush is a soft brush script with low contrast and large x-height. Gambler Brush comes with following OpenType features: Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates that are automatically on and that keep the connections smooth. For less uneven word picture try Stylistic or Swash Alternates. Gambler Brush is PUA encoded so you can access the extra characters in most graphic design softwares. Gambler Flare is a flared serif with sharp edges and wide characters Gambler Flare comes in two weights. Gambler Gothic is a rigid condensed sans serif that comes in two styles: Regular and Shadow. Gambler Gothic Shadow has a narrow lining giving a three dimensional expression to the font. Gambler fonts are designed to play together, in pairs, or all together but they also work great as themselves or combined with other Fenotype Fonts.

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