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  1. Kidings by Intellecta Design 18.90 USD
    Kidings was designed by Paulo W and published by Intellecta Design. Kidings contains 3 styles and family package options.

  2. Kade by Re-Type 45.00 USD
    Kade is a display/semi display sans family of fonts based on vernacular lettering photographed over the last ten years in and around the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Hence the name Kade that translates into English as ‘quay’, also the name of its designer.

  3. Kode by T-26 29.00 USD
    Kode was designed by Jim Marcus and published by T-26. Kode contains 1 style.

  4. Tide by Suomi 35.00 USD
    A surprisingly readable script based on flow of water.

  5. Kids by Nirmalagraphics 14.00 USD
    Kids is inspired by the writing style of a child who is learning to write letters and numbers. This font can be used for a variety of needs including logos, flyers, magazines, clothes, business cards brochures and more. It includes multi-lingual support.

  6. Captain Kidd by Scriptorium 18.00 USD
    Captain Kidd was designed by David Nalle and published by Scriptorium. Captain Kidd contains 1 style.

  7. Jingle Wide by ArFF 24.95 USD
    I once tried to imagine what the children of Schoolbook and Bodoni would look like if they were married. I'm still trying to imagine that! In the meantime I drew the Jingles.

  8. Egyptian Wide by Wooden Type Fonts 15.00 USD
    A revival of one of the popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century, suitable for display, short ascenders and descenders, pronounced slab serifs.

  9. Buggy Ride by Jonahfonts 35.00 USD
    A biform type face, with open & closed rounded forms which give it a different appeal suitable for some interesting titling and short bits of copy.

  10. Metroflex Wide by GarageFonts 39.00 USD
    Metroflex Wide was published by GarageFonts. Metroflex Wide contains 20 styles and family package options.

  11. Copperplate Wide by Wiescher Design 39.50 USD
    Copperplate Wide is remotely based on the traditional Copperplate typeface that can be seen on many business cards. I have completely redrawn the typeface in a much wider version and without those stubby little serifs. In the place of the lowercase letters I put a very slim version of the font to give you more options. You can either use the wide letters or the narrow ones – or – you can mix both to get something completely new. It works great!

  12. Impact Wide by Geoffrey Lee 21.00 USD
    Impact wide was developed from the designer's original drawings for the production of 'Impact' metal type, with many detail changes because of the density of the letters. These include the restoration of the bevelled i and j dots of the original. Character maps show some useful alternative characters in both roman and italic. Included are a crossbar numeral 1, mirror quotes and some sorts which were cast in metal but never reproduced in digitized versions of the typeface. There is also a font-specific Euro symbol. (Impact is a trademark of The Type Museum, London).

  13. Rude Wide by DSType 50.00 USD
    Rude was designed as a dichotomy between the Grotesque and Humanistic typographic shapes: a no-nonsense Sans and a very muscular Slab Serif companion. Showing the historically demanded consistency for such kind of typefaces, this is one of DSType's most wide-ranging and flexible type systems, introducing seven weights across seven widths, from Thin to Black and ExtraCondensed to ExtraWide, along with a wonderful set of Icons.

  14. State Wide by Arkitype 16.00 USD
    Say hello to State, this family is inspired by sport and a further development on Comply Slab.

  15. Obvia Wide by Typefolio 29.00 USD
    'Obvia' appeared as a result of direct observation on typefaces classified as geometric and the plan to explore for the first time width axes Condensed, Narrow (soon), Normal and new Wide and Expanded. The idea behind 'Obvia's design was to create a distancing from geometrically pure shapes, in this case, square shapes. Then some details were added, such as subtle inktraps, concave endings of the stems and carefully drawn alternate characters, giving a 'geohumanist' tone to the font. This first family of 'Obvia' has 9 weights ranging from Thin to Black, delivering a strong typographic identity, from the paper to the pixel.

  16. Super Ride by Realtype 16.00 USD
    Super Ride is a manual written font to get the best texture for each letter. Super Ride is perfectly designed, each letter character will make your design strong and dazzling. Each letter and symbol is painted using the best brushes and ink.

  17. Reservation Wide by TypeTrust 30.00 USD
    Reservation Wide is intended for headlines with its relatively snug letterspacing and extended forms. Its simplicity will accommodate smaller sizes and lower resolution displays. OpenType Stylistic Alternates for characters 'a', 'g' and 't' lend an even simpler finish.

  18. Clarendon Wide by Canada Type 24.95 USD
    By overwhelming popular demand, this is the wide display companion to Canada Type's Clarendon Text family. It comes in ten styles: regular, medium, bold, with small caps and oldstyle Figures counterparts, as well as stencil and sketch versions of the regular and the bold. All the fonts come equipped with superscripts/numerators, denominators, and scientific inferiors. The OpenType fonts also contain automatic fractions and class-based kerning.

  19. TEMPER Wide by OGJ Type Design 17.00 USD
    Temper Wide was designed in 2018 by OGJ in Berlin.UPDATE 2020Variant – With a straight legged ‘R’.

  20. Wide Display by Gaslight 20.00 USD
    Unicase wide slab-serif with numerous alternatives and decorative elements. In Ribbon styles kerning for black ribbons released as Discretionary Ligatures. Lets do wide!

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