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  1. Wittenberger Fraktur by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Wittenberger Fraktur was designed by Monotype Studio and published by Monotype. Wittenberger Fraktur contains 2 styles and family package options.

  2. Wittenberger Fraktur by Adobe 35.00 USD
    One of the earliest Monotype faces, issued about 1906 in two weights, normal and semibold. Based on Schelter & Giesecke’s School Fraktur which was in turn based on type favored by early 16th century printers in Wittenberg. It was the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg on which Luther nailed his 95 theses. For this reason, types similar to Wittenberger Fraktur are particularly associated with Lutheran theology.

  3. Fette Fraktur by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Fette Fraktur was published by URW Type Foundry. Fette Fraktur contains 3 styles and family package options.

  4. Fette Fraktur by Linotype 35.00 USD
    This font is one of the most used broken letter fonts today. Fette Fraktur is used to invoke a nostalgic or rustic feeling and found often on restaurants with ‘hearty homemade food’ or breweries who use the ‘good old recipes’ of the founder. The font was designed in the 19th century and from the beginning intended as an advertisement typeface. The lower case letters have a gothic character with only the ornamental flourishes making them broken letters, while the capital letters are more characteristic of broken letter typefaces. One could say Fette Fraktur is a true mix of styles, not unusual for typefaces created at the turn of the 19th century.

  5. Luthersche Fraktur by Linotype 65.00 USD
    Luthersche Fraktur was published by Linotype. Luthersche Fraktur contains 2 styles and family package options.

  6. Fette Fraktur by Adobe 35.00 USD
    Fette Fraktur was issued by the C.E. Weber foundry in 1875. For hundreds of years, from the Renaissance until World War II, the principal German vernacular type was fraktur, a style of blackletter. Fraktur, or broken, letterforms are partly composed of rounded elements and partly of straight lines and angles. The capitals have striking flourishes.

  7. Walbaum Fraktur by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Walbaum Fraktur was designed by Justus Walbaum and published by URW Type Foundry. Walbaum Fraktur contains 1 style.

  8. Walbaum Fraktur by Linotype 65.00 USD
    Walbaum Fraktur was designed by Justus Walbaum and published by Linotype. Walbaum Fraktur contains 1 style.

  9. Linotype Textur by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Textur Gotisch is a real historic blackletter that contains a wide variety of ligatures and offers, with the Lombardic letters, a sacral style. Ideal for documents like certificates for mediaeval games.

  10. Linotype Creatures by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Linotype Creatures was designed by Martina Theisen and published by Linotype. Linotype Creatures contains 1 style.

  11. Heraldic Creatures by Gerald Gallo 20.00 USD
    Many fabulous creatures were created for use on heraldic crests. The Heraldic Creatures font is an assortment of simplified renderings of some of these creatures.

  12. Flat10 Fraktur by Dharma Type 14.99 USD
    The pixelated blackletter which called Fraktur, the most famous calligraphic letter in Germany.

  13. Fin Fraktur by Intellecta Design 17.90 USD
    Fin Fraktur was designed by Iza W and published by Intellecta Design. Fin Fraktur contains 4 styles and family package options.

  14. 1883 Fraktur by GLC 38.00 USD
    This family was inspired by the set of fonts used in the end of 1800s by the famous J. H. Geiger, printer in Lahr (Germany), especially these used to print an almanac for the year 1883. It is a Fraktur pattern, with two styles, as a few others incomplete fonts also used for this work were Blackletters from other patterns. Both were used in two size, for titles, subtitles, main text and notes.

  15. Breitkopf Fraktur by profonts 39.90 USD
    Breitkopf Fraktur was designed by Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf (1719-1794), the well-known type designer and printer of Leipzig. Breitkopf's high reputation is based on a system of musical notes printing developed by him. 1793, in the final stage of his life, he designed this beautiful broken script named after himself.

  16. Blonde Fraktur by ParaType 30.00 USD
    Blonde Fraktur is a free interpretation of the Gothic theme in Cyrillic. The font is neither Fraktur nor any other Gothic script from the formal point of view, but it makes text look like Gothic script, no matter which language is used.

  17. Unger Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    In the wake of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution there was a desire for a clear classical blackletter font without frills. That is why in 1793 the famous printer and editor Johann Friedrich Unger and his partner Johann Christian Gubitz accomplished their own fraktur. Now you will be able to use both regular and bold styles of this highly readable blackletter font. It is recommended to activate both OT features Standard and Discretionary Ligatures to access all ligatures in both these fonts. Typing N-o-period and activating the ordinal feature gives you the numero sign.

  18. Zentenar Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    The name of this blackletter font was chosen due to the centennial of the Bauer Foundry, Frankfurt am Mai, in 1937. Ernst Schneidler probably created then the most beautiful of all fraktur fonts. They are the fruit of countless calligraphic drawings and of many years of professional experiences. Zentenar Fraktur became in its time the workhorse among German blackletter fonts. To access all ligatures in both styles, it is recommended to activate Standard and Discretionary Ligatures. The round s can be reached by typing the # key, and the combination N-o-period plus the OT feature Ordinals gives you the Numero sign.

  19. Albrecht Fraktur by New Renaissance Fonts 20.00 USD
    In his 1538 book on measurement, Albrecht Dürer gave clear descriptions and drawings about the proportions of the letters in both Roman and 'fraktur' alphabets (from Latin 'fractura', meaning that it's broken up with lots of different angles rather than smooth curves). Here is the fraktur alphabet as a font completed for use today, with a few characters modernised and some gaps filled.

  20. Neudoerffer Fraktur by Linotype 79.00 USD
    Neudoerffer Fraktur was designed by Hellmut Bomm and published by Linotype. Neudoerffer Fraktur contains 4 styles and family package options.

  21. Feather Script by Lettering Inc 49.00 USD
    Introduced by Lettering Inc in the mid 1940s, this majestic handwritten advertisers script was originally developed by the talented bullpen of Chicago based Lettering Inc. Originally designed as display handlettering for department store catalogs and automobile advertising, Feather Script (known internally as Flamingo or the 3000 series in its catalogs) became the most popular of all Lettering Inc typefaces requested by its customers.

  22. Leibniz Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    In the middle of 18th century Leibniz Fraktur appeared in German print shops. This blackletter font with its great x-height preserved the then fashioned trunk in many of its uppercase letters. It was a cast font of Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg.

  23. Berliner Fraktur by Resistenza 49.00 USD
    Designed with a flat brush and inspired by the modern fraktur from Rudolf Koch, Berliner Fraktur is composed by broken strokes, adding a handmade feeling to this geometric kind of calligraphy.

  24. Nada Fraktur by Johan Elmehag 19.00 USD
    Nada Fraktur is a modern geometrical blackletter made to serve your hip intentions. Think hip-hop album sleeves, your local t-shirt print shop, and Tumblr-boy action. The goal with this typeface is to blend medieval aesthetic with sharp modern cuts. You could say that the font is sort of monospaced, but it is not. The typeface includes an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European Languages.

  25. Kamenica Texture by Tour De Force 15.00 USD
    Kamenica Texure is decorative extension of Kamenica font family. Contains 6 textured styles.

  26. 1534 Fraktur by GLC 38.00 USD
    This family was inspired by the early Fraktur style font used circa 1530 by Jacob Otther, printer in Strasbourg (Alsace-France) for German language printed books.

  27. Kaiser Fraktur by KaiserType 45.00 USD
    Kaiser Fraktur is a very calligraphic font. Its forms were originally written by hand with a broadnib and ink on paper. They are inspired by original manuscripts of Johann Neudörffer and Leonhard Wagner. The font derives its ornamental strength from a big variety of alternate letters for certain purposes. There are initials, swash letters and final letters, which can be found in the glyphs menu (ADOBE-Apps) or accessed via open-type features (init, salt, swsh, fina). This gives you the possibility to create individual text layouts or headlines, which will stand out.

  28. Wild Creatures by Ana's Fonts 12.00 USD
    Wild Creatures is a bold brush font, in three variations: regular, jumpy and jumpier. The jumpy and jumpier versions of the font include contextual alternates OpenType feature to give the font a bouncy and bouncier baseline. Wild Creatures also includes an all caps feature and a swash dingbat font, perfect to decorate your lettering designs.Use Wild Creatures in all your modern designs, such as quotes, branding, postcards.

  29. Kleist Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    In the late 1920s Walter Tiemann cut this font for Klingspor Brothers in Offenbach am Main. It comes close to Luthersche Fraktur and, though quite slender, possesses a good gray value and readability.

  30. Galeb Texture by Tour De Force 15.00 USD
    Galeb Texture is textured version of our Galeb font family.

  31. YWFT Fraktur by YouWorkForThem 19.99 USD
    Down go the house lights, and with an explosion of fire, the brutal assault of YWFT Fraktur washes over the congregation at sonic pressure levels that rattle teeth and break glass. This is the power of the deadliest elegance this side of Modern Metal Bride Monthly, the ornamental terror that brings your wedding invitation to a point with crushing blast beats from monogram embossed kick drums. Intricacy and symbolism run deep, inviting a closer look. Denim and leathers, chains that clang! Fraktur über alles!

  32. Hupp Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    Otto Hupp's blackletter font, released by Klingspor in 1911, took its inspiration from the then dominating Art Nouveau designs. Some of its capitals express this with their lovely swash forms, and make this fraktur font less stiff.Hupp Fraktur contains a bunch of usefull ligarures, and by typing 'N', 'r' and period you get an oldstyle numbersign by activating the Discretionary Ligatures feature.

  33. Haenel Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    A bold but nevertheless pleasant black-letter font which was released for the first time about 1840 by the Haenel'sche Printshop and Letterfoundery in Berlin.

  34. Fraktur No4 by SoftMaker 10.99 USD
    All SoftMaker webfonts come with at least 500,000 pageviews included.

  35. Ankara Texture by Koray Özbey 5.00 USD
    This font is designed to create typographic textures. It's based on Ankara Display but not in the same family because of some of its different forms.Also, its angular forms give a digital impact.

  36. Karolinus Fraktur by Cercurius 19.95 USD
    A slightly regularized digital version of a late Baroque Fraktur type, probably from the beginning of the 18th century, issued by the Norstedts type foundry in Stockholm in 56 point size as "Sju petit fraktur nr 2".

  37. Stranger Creature by Putracetol 22.00 USD
    Stranger Creature is a horror style display font. Inspired from horror and thriller movies, this font is designed for Halloween, horror, thriller and scary theme projects.

  38. Thannhaeuser Fraktur by RMU 25.00 USD
    A redesign of Typoart's Thannhaeuser Fraktur.

  39. Lumier Texture by Tour De Force 15.00 USD
    Lumier Texture is font family targeting designers who work with packages, labels, posters - who are looking for characteristic and striking letters. It's textured version of Lumier font family and as that, it's compatible with Lumier Bold.

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