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  1. Bread Crumbs by Sarid Ezra 15.00 USD
    Bread Crumbs is a unique hand lettered font. It's also have a delicious taste that will make you project more stunning and give all the attentions for your works!

  2. Skratzy by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    I had a cramp in my hand doing this font! Contains authentic scribbling! :)

  3. Lobo by chicken 17.00 USD
    A juicy, mighty-morphing, modular font extracted from the crevices and convolutions of the brain, with nifty coding to cram every gap with tails and curlicues.

  4. Nicotine by Chank 99.00 USD
    Need to cram a zillion words on to a single page? Nicotine is your vice. Cram it. Nicotine Jazz is a bit more musical as it trades uppercase and lowercase letters for an interesting unicase effect. Italic can be used for extra emphasis. The condensed nature of the Nicotine fonts allows for impressive use at larger, poster sizes. Another interesting tidbit? The I in Nicotine is a silhouette of a traditional filtered cigarette; that's how the font got its name.

  5. VLNL Brokken by VetteLetters 35.00 USD
    'Brokken’ is the Dutch word for ‘chunks’. They are the hearty specialty of the house, prepared by the ship’s cook Donald DBXL Beekman. Nice'n'greasy and monospaced, you'll always find a decent way to cram the letters in.

  6. VLNL Breakz by VetteLetters 35.00 USD
    Donald DBXL Beekman needed a break. And he took it too. While sitting there consuming a sandwich and a half-pint of milk, he took up his ruler and pencil. By the time there was no milk left and only some bread crumbs remained on his plate, VLNL Breakz was finished.That’s DBXL for you. Get your letters during your break.

  7. Katsudon by Hanoded 15.00 USD
    Katsudon is a Japanese crumbed and deep fried pork cutlet, typically served on rice with egg drizzled over it. There is also a chicken variety.I have been to Japan numerous times (it is my favourite country) and each time I revelled in the great variety of foods being served in street stalls and hole-in-the-wall eateries. I especially love the grandma-and-grandpa eateries that are tucked away in alleys behind the major shopping streets. They never speak English and my Japanese is shaky (to say the least), but the food is always good and we always seem to understand each other.This year, I couldn’t travel to Japan, because of the Covid outbreak, but I can tell you that I miss Japan a lot!Katsudon is a crumbed and deep fried font. It comes with a splash of authenticity, a sprinkling of cheekiness and a generous dose of oomph. Oh, yeah, and double letter ligatures, plus a few alternates as well.

  8. Colleen Doran by Comicraft 29.00 USD
    A DISTANT SOIL is a classic bold and beautiful science fiction/fantasy comic book series by creator, writer, artist AND letterer Colleen Doran! A DISTANT SOIL is being remastered and re-released by those awfully nice chaps at Image Comics and Colleen commissioned Comicraft to create the definitive bold and beautiful Colleen Doran font, based on her original pen lettering, so that she might re-letter the series without excessive eye strain or hand cramp.

  9. Analogia by George Tulloch 21.00 USD
    Analogia is a digital interpretation of types used in the mid-18th century in books printed at Leuven by Martin van Overbeke. It is intended primarily for use in running text. The roman is businesslike, yet with a distinct personality; it has a generous x-height and is slightly condensed, though without appearing cramped. It is complemented by a more lively italic, which retains some irregularities in the angle of slant that are characteristic of the original.

  10. San Rafael by Tart Workshop 29.00 USD
    Clear skies. Crisp air. Ripe organic produce. Artisan bread at the farmer’s market. Olives. Fragrant bouquets. Guernseys in the meadow. Glimpses of the Golden Gate and the city on the bay. Afternoons in the forest, foraging mushrooms. Day trips to wine country. Toasting to love, peace & hope with good friends. Dungeness crab fresh off the boat. Walks to the Mission with fair-trade coffee in hand. Sharing buttery homemade cupcakes. San Rafael lives the good life!

  11. Machete Pro by Sudtipos 39.00 USD
    Machete is the hulky, overfed distant cousin of Bayoneta. Enthusiastically in your face and full of humour, Machete is exactly the kind of big alphabet that takes a skinny actress camping at the top of a really tall building downtown. If you don't think this sort of date is interesting enough, try cramming these letters on your next tub of comfort food, road trip comedy, or assault rifle packaging and see. Machete don't text. Machete roars!

  12. Kora Kora by HansCo 12.00 USD
    Kora Kora is a display kind of sans serif font with a rough texture on the edges and fun look. This font is perfect for use for logos, print templates, packaging in food industries such as bread, and many other projects. Several alternative crumbs are available in this font. Highly recommended to use it in OpenType capable software - there are plenty out there nowadays as technology catches up with design. The OpenType features can be accessed by using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, Afinity and more. Enjoy!

  13. Linotype Russisch Brot by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Linotype Russisch Brot is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997. The inspiration of German designer Markus Remscheid is not hard to see for those who are familiar with the chocolate cookies in the form of letters which are called Russisches Brot. The font is available in six weights. The basic weight is perfectly legible and is good for both headlines and shorter texts and from there the weights become more and more nibbled away, leaving the basic form of the characters and a few crumbs.

  14. Goby by Atlantic Fonts 26.00 USD
    Goby has several distinct personalities, and can definitely help you make some waves. Lower case Goby is sweet, lively, easy to read, bold, and always friendly. Goby also works great in all-caps, and if you turn on discretionary ligatures, discover a huge stash of funky two and three-letter ligatures that can make ordinary words look extraordinary. The Goby font family also includes Goby Graphics, an ocean-y collection of illustrations by Amy Dietrich. If you need some artful seaweed, a head of coral, a seahorse, or maybe a smiling hermit crab, the unique images of Goby Graphics will work swimmingly.

  15. Bayside Tavern by FontMesa 25.00 USD
    Bayside Tavern is a weathered version of our Tavern Alt font family.With its straight sides Bayside Tavern fits better in tight spaces and reads better at smaller point sizes than the regular Bay Tavern version.With three weights, open faced and outline versions to choose from you're sure to find the right style for your new project, restaurant menu, logo, t-shirt design or Pirate costume party.While our original Tavern Alt font has been increased to include five weights additional weights for Bay Tavern will have to wait for now, adding the notched cut in's were all done by hand which causes a lot of cramping so a long break is needed before creating the extra weights.The Fill fonts in the Bayside Tavern family are meant to be layered behind the Bayside Open fonts, if you're using Bayside Open select Bayside Fill, if you're using Bayside Open L select Bayside Fill L, if you're using Bayside Open S select Bayside Fill S and so on.

  16. Bitcrusher by Typodermic 9.95 USD
    Bitcrusher is an ultramodern, ultra-compact sans-serif typeface influenced by contemporary vehicle design and consumer electronics. It was designed for maximum compression, allowing you to fit more words in a line than techno typefaces normally allow. Bitcrusher is available in 5 weights an 4 widths. Condensed is pretty tight. Compressed is at the normal typeface compression limit. Crammed is unusually compact. Crushed is ludicrously concentrated. Bitcrusher features a stem, space and gap consistency which allows you to break the usual scaling and tracking rules. Do you want thicker stems? Take a narrower width and scale it wider. Want to go tighter than crushed? Scale it even narrower. You can’t break it. Mathematical symbols, fractions, numeric ordinals and monetary symbols are in good supply. Almost all current Latin based languages are supported, including Vietnamese, Cyrillic languages and Greek. The commercial use desktop license for Bitcrusher Condensed Bold is free.

  17. Fried Chicken by FontMesa 25.00 USD
    The name of this font brings back memories of an old fried chicken restaurant in Willow Springs Illinois circa 1960’s and 1970’s, my family would all get in the car and take a long drive down to an old country road Illionis Rt 171 through a forest preserve where we’d come upon the old Willowbrook motel with a bar and restaurant next door.The restaurant was called Kegal’s, when you entered the building you had to walk through the smoky bar first to get to the restaurant, I can still see the hard wood floors with all the finish worn off from decades of foot traffic.  Up until the mid 1960’s Kegal’s used to raise their own chickens behind the restaurant, back then fried chicken in the Midwest was either coated in flour or bread crumbs, Kegal’s was covered in a beautiful layer of golden bread crumbs. Before your meal arrived they’d bring a basket of dinner rolls along with crackers, bread sticks and country butter, on the side they’d serve coleslaw with a vinegar sauce, which is very common in the Midwest, the first time you try it your face puckers up like you just sucked on a lemon but you get used it over time.After waiting for what seemed like forever to a child the waitress comes out of the kitchen with a huge tray of that golden deliciousness and your mouth begins to water, in her other hand was another tray filled to overflowing with crinkle cut french fries all made by hand, I’d eat a hole handful of those french fries first then take a bite of that tender juicy farm raised chicken.Today a fine Italian restaurant occupies the old Kegal’s building and the motel is long gone, only my fond memories remain.Fast forward to 2020 and FontMesa has just made some Fried Chicken as an eight weight type font family with alternates.With the Fried Chicken slab serif font family we’ve broken some rules by removing a few of the slabs on certain letters for a unique homemade look.Fried Chicken is perfect for your next product label, t-shirt design, logo, headline or cookbook cover.Treat yourself to some good ol’ Fried Chicken today.

  18. Bay Tavern by FontMesa 25.00 USD
    Bay Tavern is the first weathered version of our Tavern font that's based on Algerian.With three weights, open faced and outline versions to choose from you're sure to find the right style for your new project, restaurant menu, logo, t-shirt design or Pirate costume party.Bay Tavern includes all the same alternates as our regular Tavern font family.While our original Tavern font has been increased to include five weights additional weights for Bay Tavern will have to wait for now, adding the notched cut in's were all done by hand which causes a lot of cramping so a long break is needed before creating the extra weights.The Fill fonts in the Bay Tavern family are meant to be used with Bay Tavern Open fonts, if you're using Bay Tavern Open then select Bay Tavern Fill, if you're using Bay Tavern Open L then select Bay Tavern Fill L, if you're using Bay Tavern Open S then select Bay Tavern Fill S, if you're using Bay Tavern Open SL then select Bay Tavern Fill SL, the same rule goes for the Open X version.

  19. Gravtrac by Typodermic 9.95 USD
    Gravtrac is a slab serif headliner designed to deliver solid punches while taking up as little horizontal space as possible. Inspiration comes from mid twentieth century classics: Univers 59 Ultra-Condensed, Helvetica Inserat and Compacta. It's all about flat sides, a steady rhythm and tight, precision curves. The widest style of Gravtac is Condensed—compact, yet a comfortable read, available in 7 weights from Ultra-Light to Heavy. Gravtrac Compressed is probably the width where most typefaces would quit. It's narrow enough for most...but not for you. That's why we have Gravtrac Crammed. It's audaciously narrow—perfect for times where you want the reader to slow down and truly pay attention to the message. Gravtrac Crushed is devilishly slender. Try it with wide tracking for a stark, opulent look. All styles are also available in obliques varying from 7 to 10 degrees—58 styles in total. Gravtrac includes Opentype fractions, numeric ordinals, a breadth of currency symbols and old-style (lowercase) numerals. Almost all current Latin based languages are supported as well as Greek and Cyrillic. Every skilled designer already has slab serif typefaces in their stockpile but some of us have the need to squeeze.

  20. Diesel Rudolf by Ingo 77.00 USD
    Write like the inventor of the diesel engine — it’s possible with the Diesel Rudolf Script (patterned after the original handwriting of Rudolf Diesel)...In 2008 the city of Augsburg and the MAN Group celebrated the 150th birthday of Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine which was named after him.With the help of a few preserved original letters, it was possible to create a convincing digital version of Rudolf Diesel’s personal handwriting.The engineer and inventor Rudolf Diesel was born in Paris in 1858 and also went to school there. In1870 his family moved to England and Rudolf was sent to relatives in Augsburg where he continued going to school. Later, after completing his studies in Munich, he began working as an engineer in the machine factory Linde. Alone this part of his life makes clear why Rudolf Diesel’s handwriting was so ”jerky,“ hesitant and inconsistent. He learned to write according to the French style, that is, Latin cursive — completely different from the very correct and neat German handwriting taught at that time which he had to learn at 13 years of age.These circumstances explain why his handwriting is ”messy“ (especially for those days) with its mixtures of letter forms within a text, even within individual words. Plus, he obviously did not attach much importance to ”pretty writing.“ Sometimes the characters are wide, then narrow, sometimes large and clear and then again crammed and primitive. The individuality is emphasized with characteristics derived from quill and ink.The diversified images of the font Diesel Rudolf Script make more than 80 ligatures and stylistic alternates possible which can be selected with help from the OpenType functions Ligatures and Discretional Ligatures.

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