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  1. Sweetpea by Andrew Harper Fonts 4.00 USD
    Sweetpea is a new OpenType font by Andrew Harper that includes a ton of features: contextual alternates, stylistic variations, regular/discretionary ligatures, fractions, ordinals, and swashes. Over 600 glyphs to choose from, including fractions, Greek symbols, music accidentals, Roman numerals, arrows, and mathematical notation.

  2. Celtics Modern by Dharma Type 14.99 USD
    Inspired from ancient Celtic lettering such like insular-half-uncial. New interpretation of Celtic letters bring a whole new feel to old letterings. At the same time, the font has handwritten-style glyphs as if they were handwritten same as the ancient letters.

  3. Hors by Dima Pole 10.00 USD
    Hors is name of Arian God, also it is an ancient name of Mercury.

  4. Stola by Jujumisur’s Ficus 15.00 USD
    Stola is able to be used with all European languages including ancient and reconstructed languages like Old Church Slavonic (it can be written by Cyrillic or Glagolitic script), Proto Slavic, Ancient Greek etc. Also it includes IPA, so it can be used in education.

  5. Inkblock by Turtle Arts 20.00 USD
    Inkblock is based on various ink printing and rubbings from an ancient wood type set.

  6. Intellecta Monograms by Intellecta Design 10.90 USD
    IntellectaMonograms is an extensive collection of ancient intrincate monograms, of all kinds, mainly Victorian style.

  7. LD Cottage by Illustration Ink 3.00 USD
    LD Cottage resembles the antique writing you would find in an ancient fairytale or story.

  8. Anavio by Greater Albion Typefounders 14.95 USD
    Anavio is named in honor of the ancient Roman name of an English Derbyshire town.

  9. Bonsai Paufo by Intellecta Design 18.90 USD
    Bonsai Paufo are a collection of dingbats fonts inspired in the ancient art of Bonsai.

  10. Old Crone BB by Blambot 20.00 USD
    Old Crone is perfect for maps to ancient cities and dusty spellbooks read by candle light!

  11. Celtic Ornaments BA by Bannigan Artworks 19.95 USD
    Characters are ornaments that are derived from ancient Celtic manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.

  12. Doretypo by Rosario Nocera 10.00 USD
    Doretypo was born accidentally, during the design of a poster for a jazz festival in Rome. I was going to realize a typesetting, but I could not find the right character and decided to draw the letters I needed, starting from the first letter of the headline, capital M.

  13. Drab by Pesotsky Victor 12.00 USD
    Drab is a neutral grotesque, but with decorative elements. Suitable for texts and titles. When you do not need a strong accidental but a boring set, Drab is also not suitable.Drab supports Basic Latin, Cyrillic and more than 100 languages all together.The font was designed by Viktor Pesotsky.

  14. Celtic-BA by Bannigan Artworks 19.95 USD
    This is my interpretation of the writing in ancient Celtic manuscripts such as the Book of Kells.

  15. LTC Artscript by Lanston Type Co. 24.95 USD
    Artscript was Sol Hess's "attempt to convert into rigid metal the graceful penmanship of the ancient scribe".

  16. KG Flavor And Frames by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Adorable accents for your work including frames, labels, chevrons, mustaches, and more!

  17. Frakturbo by Volcano Type 19.00 USD
    Frakturbo is a rounded modern blackletter for those who don't like the oldscool style of ancient blackletter-types.

  18. Coptic Alphabet by Deniart Systems 10.00 USD
    Based on the writing used by the Copts in ancient Egypt, the font includes alphabet and numeral symbols.

  19. Mono Exolia by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing 261 ligatures, alternate letters and unique accented characters!

  20. Mono Litrox by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing 273 ligatures, alternate letters and unique accented characters!

  21. She Always Walk Alone by Roland Hüse Design 7.00 USD
    A hand drawn, quirky brush marker font. Contains Western and Central European accents.

  22. Pigeon Script by Denis Petrov 20.00 USD
    The modern incidental, decorative and poster font that imitates the modern household handwriting or handwriting with a capillary or gel pen and rapidograph.

  23. Southern Colonialist by Intellecta Design 1.00 USD
    Southern colonialist is a new slab typeface from Intellecta, based on ancient advertisements from the Wild West of America

  24. RongoRongo by Deniart Systems 35.00 USD
    The Deniart RongoRongo series contains 292 unique symbols based on the inscriptions found on ancient tablets from Easter Island.

  25. Switched On by Type Innovations 39.00 USD
    Switched On and Switched Off where two fonts developed by placing points on a pre-defined square grid template. The experiment was to explore all the variations possible by just using straight connecting lines on a grid. I stumbled on the final concept, almost accidentally, and was amazed by the numerous possibilities.

  26. Albo by DSType 30.00 USD
    Albo is part of a new set of typefaces inspired in ancient documents from Portuguese 15th and 16th century books.

  27. Mono Chix by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing ligatures for double letters, alternate letters and unique accented characters!

  28. Abysmal Gaze by Hanoded 15.00 USD
    A trashy script with some surprising glyphs. It comes with a full range of accents.

  29. Schwager by Latinotype 25.00 USD
    Schwager is a steampunk slab serif typeface with an industrial accent in a contemporary tone.

  30. Pines by Piñata 9.00 USD
    Imagine you've decided to cut letters out of paper thereby creating a modern sans-serif for a broad application range. What result would you get? We already know the answer! Pines is a font family that we've carefully cut out of paper and then added lots of emotions and a few bright natural accidental details.

  31. Torah by Masterfont 59.00 USD
    Based on ancient scribal texts, useful for Jewish education. Useful at text sizes and large scale applications. Bold, high contrast typeface.

  32. Mi Amor by Roland Hüse Design 15.00 USD
    Mi Amor is a fully cursive monoline handwriting script font. Contains Western and Central European accents.

  33. Eclipse by Type Innovations 39.00 USD
    I often experiment with different shadow techniques. One day I accidentally scaled, instead of repositioning, some black text behind the white copy on top and noticed something very different and interesting happen. It was an intriguing effect. It took some clever handiwork to make it work properly across the entire alphabet. And behold, Eclipse was born.

  34. Bemis by Leksen Design 29.00 USD
    I accidentally fell in love with type design, and more specifically, the inscription on the historic Bemis building in Seattle. A high waist and great contrast are characteristics of this classic caps lettering that inspired my debut typeface, with additions of 3/4 caps and ornaments to boot. Read and hear more about the creation of this digital revival.

  35. Chelp by Aah Yes 14.00 USD
    Chelp is a grunge display font, in 4 different styles: there's a Regular and All-Caps version, plus a Dirty version which has little bits of overprint like the edge of the stamp has accidentally marked the paper, and a Jumbled version where the characters are misaligned in various small ways, or are at slightly odd angles.

  36. Algarabia Display by Macizo.com.mx 55.00 USD
    Algarabía Display was created for titles or to highlight a particular text. It includes a set of accented capitals and accented lowercases, almost one hundred ligatures, entry and exit capitals, symbols, punctuation and numerals, and almost 50 different kinds of dingbats. It is a typeface to have fun.

  37. KG Flavor And Frames Three by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Frames and borders of various types. Also includes a series of words perfect for accenting Instagram photos.

  38. Aztech by Comicraft 29.00 USD
    Was God an Ancient Astronaut? Are crop circles signposts for UFOs? Are we or are we not alone? Do you Want To Believe?

  39. Mono Iltra by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    A wrecked, monospaced font containing ligatures for both double letters and numbers, alternate letters and unique accented characters!

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