Font Identification Request: Resolved

I have been looking for them but no luck so far :/

Looks like Extra Ornamental with a stroke and Bickham Script below.


hmm maybe a bold Extra Ornamental...

but the bottom one isn't Brickham Script

sorry about the picture being so small

Then try Porcelain, the swirly version of Bickham Script by Eduardo Recife.

Without any doubt. Porcelain.

I have marked this solved. Can't stand the maybe on Extra ornamental. Maybe bold ... There is no Extra Ornamental bold. There are only overcompressed fuzzy picts.


I'll have to disagree with you

this pic is neither compressed or fuzzy

and it isn't the same as extra ornamental it is more destroyed and doesn't have the fine inner detail

I have another pic if you wanna see it

Then it could be Nasty, the destructed Extra Ornamental by Eduardo Recife, again?


the one on the left is using the Nasty font and the one on the right is the original

hmm looks like it

I don't know how they got that more bleached out look...

Have you tried to add a white stroke?

And a simple »Thank You« is always appreciated, Josh.


white stroke?

very sorry I was looking round and working on it and haven't been back here

thank you so much for your work in helping me! I seriously wouldn't have been able to figure this out myself

again sorry I didn't say it sooner :(

I am really not that jerky

Great, Josh. Thanks for coming back. With white stroke I meant adding a white line around the letters.

36pt plus 1 px stroke not compressed png.

Thanks for approving, KK.

You're welcome swallow.Anything else would be being in denial ... With this text an appropriate background color after last night ... right?

Uhm, sorry am lost in translation.

Rot als Hintergrundfarbe ... und ... Alles bricht zusammen. Und dass Heutnacht ...

Sorry for being an idiot, but »last night« should that ring a bell to me? Has that something to do with the US election? *headscratch*

Sorry still can’t get the pun, I am afraid.

What again is the color of the republicans?



thank you all very much!


Ohhhhhh, I forgot to read the words. Hahaha, well done, KK.

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