I need a free(or cheap) alternative to the following font:


Not just Times New Roman. Any suggestions? This is for Open Office.

TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT is the same as Times New Roman Bold so what is it that you need?

I guess? I have typed a document using Times New Roman and if I bold the text it is still not the same size as the "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT" text. So yes, a free alternative to "Times New Roman Bold" will probably work. Thanks, for the reply.

During a typical installation, Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista install, amongst many others, the truetype (95, 98) or open type (XP, Vista) versions of Times New Roman (Times.ttf), Times New Roman Bold (Timesbd.ttf), Times New Roman Bold Italic (Timesbi.ttf) and Times New Roman Italic (Timesi.ttf).

Find a machine with any version of Windows 95 and up (should not be impossible) and Bob's your uncle ...

Timesbd.ttf is already in my "fonts" folder, but "Times New Roman Bold" is not an option in the program. I Can select the regular "Times New Roman" and click on the "bold" button, but this is not the same as "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT". No matter what I do with the regular "Times New Roman" it is smaller than what I pasted, even though both are set to the same size. It also has a different look.????

Also, I can assure you, that Bob is NOT my uncle! The innanetz are serious Business!

Try to get hold of the open type then it works fine - anyway here with me. I see no difference with Times New Roman made bold and what shows up when I open the postscript version. That is, in Word. Have not tried Open Office. Maybe Open office does not recognise otf?

With the truetype versions one way out is change the font family name of the roman and bold version from the generic font family name to .... Roman and .... Bold. Most times this solves the problem and you can select them separately.

And, "Bob's your uncle" stand for "you're done" ...

I can't find the .otf version. As you say, it could be the Open Office program causing the discrepancies. Ill just have to make do with the normal TNR. Thanks for you help, though.

I knew what you meant when you said "Bob's your uncle", I was just joking.

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