Font Identification Request: Resolved

Hey everyone,

Can anyone help me identify this font? Although the text says Lehman Brothers, I don't know if it is the official lehman brothers font..rather this is a font I cropped from a sample resume. Thanks for your help!

Looks like Bodoni Bold but the sample is too small for me to be sure.

I can't get the resolution any bigger, but there are other letters you can reference from the original source:

I checked out the font you described in msword and it seems to look slightly different. Could there be an alternative one?

Big4 said: For headers I used style (under format) "TableMatrix", format"Times New Roman" and size "10". I also varied some headers with all caps or italics.

What should I add?

uh that makes no sense though... what is a tablematrix? I searched online and its some kind of perl script? He used perl to write this? What is he referring to? Thanks for your help koeiekat :)

I tried just using times new roman font 10 and it definitely doesn't come out like that. He is talking about some style? Is he using LaTeX or indesign or some other program?


Whichever application is used, a Times New Roman in 10 points will look the same once printed. And it won't be more readable online than it is now ;^)

That words are bold – maybe slightly wider in tracking – and small caps: have you already tried this, John?

I've tried the small caps but it isnt the same I think its because msword uses fake small caps so the weight is all off. Does the opentype Times New Roman in the fonts folder in vista include the small caps? Or do I need to get it separately? Where can I find the opentype small caps for TNR? Thanks for your help sergio.


I do not use Windows OS or any of their products so I can't answer to the Vista question. I'm pretty sure that the Adobe Times Roman has got a «small caps» format on its own. See here:

There's even a Windows TTF available, not just the Mac PS version.

Nonetheless, I do not think that the man who produced the résumé you're working after bought a font just to print it down. Maybe it's something to do with the «style (under format) "TableMatrix"» that in (?) MS Word gives more tracking to the fonts? I really can't say.

You need the TimesNRMTStd.otf and possibly the TimesNewRomanMTStd-Bold.otf to reproduce that text with the proper smallcaps.

I have the both the fonts you are talking about koeiekat but I don't know how to use their small caps instead of fake caps. Do the fonts you mentioned include the small caps? they seem relatively small compared to other otf files


Here's the file that can answer your questions about the font:

Razume will soon have functionality that allows you to download resume templates, making it easier to find fonts and styles. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.



Sam Blum

Co-Founder & CEO

Razume, Inc

Ah thank you Sam just answered all my questions. Didn't know that was your resume, awesome work! I'm looking to get into finance myself (I'm a sophomore in college). Thanks for your help!

I am trying to find the font for Lehman Brothers. Just saw the reply from sam100 but the blog is down. Can somebody help me.

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