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    2 matches comment Would that be the 'hondafont'? The one with the Honda logo and the wings? If so, in the metric data you see that it is a licenced font: Font Family: Hondafont Full Name: Hondafont Style: Regular Postscript Name: Hondafont » Unique identifier « Sharkshock Productions: Honda Regular:1999, 2000 » Version « visit www.sharkshock.uni.cc » Trademark « Hondafont is a registered trademark of Sharkshock Productions. » Copyright « Hondafont © Dennis Ludlow 2000. All Rights Reserved » File data « Hondafont.ttf Date : 23 September 2000 Time : 21:44:18 Size : 34 KB (35,384 Byte) » Windows metric data « IBM font class: No Classification Font subclass: Vendor Name: HL Licence: The font is licensed. Licensed fonts may not be modified or exchanged. But, have a look at Dennis Ludlow's site, www.sharkshock.com , and you'll see that Dennis offers it a freeware. It is under famous fonts > autos.
    14 matches comment ? Hello everybody, This is my first post here and I hope that one of you can help. I am trying to figure out what the small body text used on http://www.firstbornmultimedia.com/ is. Does anyone one which font is it and where can it be bought? Thank you very much! Mark
    1 matches comment Handdrawn, but inspisred on Uni Wide in lower case. Check http://new.myfonts.com/tags/graffiti/?sort=abc#top_of_page
    11 matches comment You are not the only one who is confused. So am I. That is why I asked. Trough a Google ad link on this forum I stumble on urbanfonts.com. Never heard of, so I go there to have a sniff and see they have a forum. First impression, must be brand new because there are hardly any threads. Then I see that all threads started after May 20, 2006 but some have already more that 35 posts. Not bad for a brand new forum. Curious as I am I also open my other eye and see that these 35 posts all have the same date and are posted within 8 hours. I get more curious and start digging. What do I find? An excerpt of the former Abstractfonts forum. Messed up a bit and fancy user names but exactly the same posts. I find Liana (l-goldenquill). I find Trnquist (nicknamed by me as the Viking and occasionally as Tweetybird). I find whole discussions between the three of us. Yet posts by the same person under different names. So, I wonder; what is this?? So I ask: Alex, what is this urbanfonts forum thing? The Alex in this question is Alex the webmaster of Abstractfonts.com. Is Alex who buried the old forum. Is Alex Chum.., Mississauga. So, Alex, I ask again, why is there a forum on urbanfonts.com that is a messed-up copy of a part of this (Abstractfonts) forum? Compare these: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/30995/7091#post7091 and http://www.urbanfonts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3 (ignore the first two posts in this thread). and jump to http://www.urbanfonts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3&page=2 At the urbanfonts forum 'barrelt' aka 'byson' is hitesh.mehta. 'bullish' [how appropriate] aka 'chris' aka 'dodo' aka 'fox' is me, koeiekat. 'devon' aka 'falcon' aka 'ivan' is l_goldenquill [liana]. 'gilman' is Trnquist [the '' never showed on Abstractfonts, remember the discussion about that?].
    10 matches comment It is there Slynkycat! See this :http://www.norfok.com/pre_otectpray.php For a few bucks (and even less Euro and even less Pounds) it's yours. Isn't that what you always wanted?
    1 matches comment Hi, I wonder if anyone here can help me. I have tried to contact Dennis Ludlow (http://www.sharkshock.com) for info about how to use his freeware fonts commercially. Unfortunately, months have gone by and I've received no reply. What should I do? Has anyone been in contact with him recently?
    8 matches comment Why don't you ask the author? http://www.rotodesign.com/fonts/index.html :) Ute
    1 matches comment Sharkshock.com has disapeared, but you can stil find some here http://cooltext.com/Fonts-F Ford Script
    2 matches comment Hi, when I was back in Uni (some time ago now) they had a large poster with all the different standard web fonts and their name. Does anyone know where I can get one of these, aswell as a colour chart. Thanks, Tony
    7 matches comment FF Liant is in the ballpark, but not it.

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    Metroflex Uni Bold
    Metroflex Uni Heavy
    Metroflex Uni Light
    Metroflex Uni Med
    Metroflex Uni Obl
    Metroflex Uni Reg
    Fuel Uni Extended
    Fuel Uni Bold Oblique
    Uni-Sans-Semi Bold
    Metroflex Uni Bold Obl
    Metroflex Uni Bold OSF
    Metroflex Uni Heavy Obl
    Metroflex Uni Heavy OSF
    Metroflex Uni Light Obl
    Metroflex Uni Light OSF
    Metroflex Uni Med Obl
    Metroflex Uni Med OSF
    Metroflex Uni Obl OSF
    Metroflex Uni Reg OSF
    Fuel Uni Extended Bold
    Fuel Uni Extended Oblique
    Fuel Uni Extended Outline
    Uni-Sans-Semi Bold-Italic
    Metroflex Uni Bold Obl OSF
    Metroflex Uni Heavy Obl OSF
    Metroflex Uni Light Obl OSF
    Metroflex Uni Med Obl OSF
    Fuel Uni Extended Bold Oblique
    Ascender Uni Regular
    Ascender Uni Duo
    Labelo Uni Varsity
    Kautiva Black Uni
    Kautiva Bold Uni
    Kautiva Book Uni
    Octa Uni Mono
    Fermo Uni TRF
    Labelo 3D Uni Varsity
    Labelo Uni Varsity
    Kautiva Black Italic Uni
    Kautiva Bold Italic Uni
    Kautiva Book Italic Uni
    Octa Uni Mono Bold
    Metroflex Uni Family
    Octa Uni Mono Bold
    Fermo Uni TRF Bold
    Fermo Uni TRF Light
    Fermo Uni TRF Bold
    Fermo Uni TRF Light
    Fermo Uni TRF Regular
    Metroflex Uni 311 Light
    Metroflex Uni 321 Regular
    Metroflex Uni 323 Oblique
    Metroflex Uni 331 Medium
    Metroflex Uni 341 Bold
    Metroflex Uni 351 Heavy
    Uni Sans Book
    Uni Sans Family
    Uni Sans Italic
    Uni Sans Light
    Uni Sans Regular
    Uni Sans Semibold
    Uni Sans Thin
    Uni Sans Bold
    Uni Sans Heavy
    Metroflex Uni 312 Light OSF
    Metroflex Uni 313 Light Oblique
    Metroflex Uni 322 Regular OSF
    Metroflex Uni 324 Oblique OSF
    Metroflex Uni 332 Medium OSF
    Metroflex Uni 333 Medium Oblique
    Metroflex Uni 342 Bold OSF
    Metroflex Uni 343 Bold Oblique
    Metroflex Uni 352 Heavy OSF
    Metroflex Uni 353 Heavy Oblique
    Metroflex Uni Complete Family Pack
    Uni Sans Book Italic
    Uni Sans Light Italic
    Uni Sans Semibold Italic
    Uni Sans Thin Italic
    Uni Sans Bold Italic
    Uni Sans Heavy Italic

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