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    1 matches comment :D One of these frikkin wizards was trying to ID this (nice) font. But just gave up.
    4 matches comment are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then how did I get the font free in the first place. I am nice to cats but....... when I was 9 I stepped on ones tail. and It shreiked. No seriously back to the fonts. It seems really silly when the flashy Innovative fonts are free but the boring plain ones arent!!! Would you happen to have it !!!koeiekat!!!
    1 matches comment That seems a very muddy place Gary. If, one day, your head pops up at the lost and found, remember the place and don't go there.
    1 matches comment If I don't know it...? Trust me, you guys are the font wizards around here! So, this font seems to be quite elusive! known as Zapotec, Zarana, Zara... I'm still looking.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13709 like i mentioned in the other thread. i just discovered another place in Font Creator for putting a copyright and other info.. it was blank even tho i put it in the other place already.
    1 matches comment Hi everyone! I'm working on a logo and I need tome text in it too. So I'm looking for a place with non-copyrighted fonts. Do you guys know such a place? I want to edit in the font that I find as well. Thanks! Peace Atomixx
    1 matches comment http://www.tgpwizards.com/ The logo of TGP wizards is a very cool font... does anyone know the name of this font? Thx in advance :) Cpt
    1 matches comment I have about 20 WWE Fonts from various events if anyone's interested, e-mail me or reply to this forum aswscorpion@hotmail.com Also, I am looking for the font used in both the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards logos. I believe it's called Foxglove, but I could be wrong. Could someone e-mail it to me if they have it please?
    1 matches comment I need help. I need fonts for all NBA teams excluding the following: Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Orlando Magic can u ppl tell me the names of them if u know? Mr. Baron (asw_scorpion@hotmail.com , aswlive@yahoo.ca)
    3 matches comment Yes. It is possible. That is, in theory. If it was practically possible wouldn't you think it would be used all over the place? You probably will have to wait for W3 and CSS3 before there will be a common standard. And even then, if there are font embedding restrictions it still won't work. Alas, a dream ... or rather, a nightmare.

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