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    1 matches comment search engine results will be returning matching designers as well.. ( good idea !!! it shows where you are, not very pronounced though ;) When you choose a designer you get taken to a page ( for example: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/designers/?designerID=250&p=1 )where it says Category: West Wind Fonts Fonts: 29 Pages: 2 the designer is "West Wind Fonts" voting will be a pending wish for now ;)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11456 wind blowing
    1 matches comment Does anyone know the name of this font? Or any alternatives with the same blown up futuristic feeling? Thanks!
    1 matches comment Does anyone know the name of this font? Or any alternatives with the same blown up futuristic feeling? Thanks!
    1 matches comment Thanks a bunch. Anything close for free on the Future one? Does not have to be an exact match. Customer wants this blown up to go on a poster, but of course doesnt have a better image, so I have to re-create it best I can. Any idea on the "comedy part?"
    1 matches comment Good Evening Big2001: I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You! I?m blown away? after sifting through what seems like thousands of fonts? I was starting to believe that I would never uncover the mystery of my nameless font? ;) Thanks for lending that helping hand? this has restored my faith in my fellow human beings? and the power of the open forum format. :D I?m a believer!!! All The Best Tom G, Sr.
    1 matches comment Not 100%, but the closest thing I can think of is the Grenadier. The E is a bit off. But as the logo looks like a neon letter - hand blown - you never get it 100%. [img:c49cb11a72]http://www.abstractfonts.com/layout/fp/7/3/2/2/7322.png[/img:c49cb11a72]
    1 matches comment I am looking for a shareware or demo verson of one of the Gibbon/Traynor fonts such as Rustling Branches, Black Cherry Moon or Full Moon - will probably buy the full blown BT version later but wanted to test fly a design first. Is there a shareware equivalent or a demo version?
    1 matches comment I and lots of other old-fashioned Southern ladies have been searching the net over for some Old South style fonts - especially all of the Old South fonts that the movie title and the names of characters (and the names of the actors and actresses who portrayed them) were shown in at the very beginning of the 1939 movie cl***ic GONE WITH THE WIND. So far, the search has been all in vain. If anyone can make these Old South style fonts and make them available for downloading for free, please do so and please e-mail me and let me know when you have done so and where I can download them! My e-mail address is pyra@fdn.com. Much obliged!
    1 matches comment I have found it it is called FUTUREMARK? and it can be found at http://www.mindcandy.com/fonts/brainreactor/fonts/futuremark.html I cannot belive it!! while looking for another font i have found it this is amazing I am blown away. May I just thank every body who has given up there time and remeber that I am here for you all. Abstract Fonts Forum For Ever Big:D :D :D

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    West Wind Fonts .

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    West Wind
    Wind Factor
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Trail
    Compac Wind
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Family
    West Wind Regular
    West Wind Trail
    Montblanc Wind
    Wind Volume
    Compact Cyrillic Wind
    Wind Detail
    Wind Decorative
    Wind Cyrillic Regular
    Sunwind SC
    Lucca SC
    Isonorm™ (D)
    ITC Roswell™ Two
    Nicholas Bold
    Sunwind Normal
    Amudi Regular
    Arbuckle Black
    Atrax Regular
    Fallujah Bold
    Jalil Regular
    Mehdi Regular
    Sabine Italic
    Someri Italic
    Graffiti Cyrillic Five
    Graffiti Cyrillic Four
    Pollock Cyrillic Three
    Fracture Regular
    Miserichordia Regular
    Cherritt Bold
    Bandalero™ Regular
    Compacta™ Black
    Candida® Roman
    Shazam Black
    Tekton™ Oblique
    New Nerdish Bold
    New Nerdish Thin
    Mode Regular
    Isonorm Regular
    Sheepman Bold
    Ventoux SC
    Glamwords Italic
    Behrensmeyer Vigesimals Regular
    Herold Multilingual Volume
    Karolla Multilingual Black
    Cachet™ Medium
    Chunkfeeder Regular Oblique
    Aurelia™ Book Italic
    Sunwind Raw Initials
    Absinette Condensed Regular
    Ashley Crawford Regular
    Wevli Bold Italic
    Veneribe Oblique Regular
    Dublon Cyrillic Regular
    Dudek Regular
    Fistuk Normal
    Gabriela Bold
    Holmim Medium
    kabuk Regular
    Levant Medium
    Maayan Normal
    Morell Medium
    Racheli Black
    Racheli Light
    Ribuim Medium
    Churchward Brush Regular (D)
    Debs Regular Threepack
    insigne Splats! Regular
    Ventoux Plain
    Ventoux Volume
    Pitshanger Initial Caps
    Electrasonic X Fine
    Rama Slab M Heavy
    Rama Slab M Light
    Felix™ Titling Regular
    Old Harold Ree Regular
    1565 Venetian Normal
    Merilee Condensed Italic
    Neu Altisch Bold
    URW Stymie Volume
    Raldo RE Black Italic
    Neo® Sans Black Italic
    Neo® Sans Light Italic
    Neo® Sans Ultra Italic
    DF Gothic™ Japanese W 10
    DF Gothic™ Japanese W 12
    DF Gothic™ Japanese W 14
    PAG Norm Regular
    RM True To Type Bold Old
    MonoCondensed Multilingual Book Oblique
    Line Drive Shadow
    Iowan Old Style BT Italic Alternate
    Iowan Old Style BT Italic Extension
    Mufferaw Condensed Bold Italic

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