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    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font similar to the one on the attached pic (scanned from an old Letraset catalog). Most common use: Wild West wanted posters! Can anyone help? :) Timbo.
    1 matches comment aeroberator (West Virginia USA) will not be very happy with your answer Uwe. It is convinced it is a font and it is free and that it should be given right away. aeroberator is in fact a thingie with a rather short fuse ... it may blow-up itself.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13453 Wow, really good. I like how even all the accents (for é and á etc.) are uniquely 'wild' and freaky ;-) I would slightly slant the : and ; though. This way they are a mismatch..
    1 matches comment Can be. But in the first post one asked for a mediaeval spanish script. ... an ornate middle ages sort associated with Spain, Cervantes/Don Quixote etc... Which is exactly what Espania is. Edit: Celina referred to this thread long before in another thread showing a sample of a font that has little to do with mediaeval spanish writing. Her example is ornamental early american. Indeed, wild-west, circus and the lot.
    1 matches comment Hi I'm looking fonts to can write West Coast Choppers. Please help me. Rgrds Darek - Poland
    2 matches comment Hello Im absolutely new at this. Could anyone help me find out what is the official font type or style for GANT USA. you can see it on www.gant.com or I have also attached a picture taken from the webiste. Thank you ! Jazz
    1 matches comment search engine results will be returning matching designers as well.. ( good idea !!! it shows where you are, not very pronounced though ;) When you choose a designer you get taken to a page ( for example: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/designers/?designerID=250&p=1 )where it says Category: West Wind Fonts Fonts: 29 Pages: 2 the designer is "West Wind Fonts" voting will be a pending wish for now ;)
    1 matches comment Sorry Cat, my English is too bad to understand what you are talking about. Sorry. Is it possible to show a pic ofthe old "letter head"? And had you had a look in the categories Old West and Circus?
    1 matches comment Can someone please ID the font used on Kanye West's blog? Thanks so much
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello Dear friend, I have this one :-) In the The book (type style finder, ). the author (Timothy Samara) has been separated the colors and fonts theme in four classification (1) Moods (Tranquil, Friendly, Comical, Romantic, Honest, Dynamic, Refreshing, Sinister, sporty, Fragile, Psychotic, Exotic and Intuitive) (2) Concepts (Corporate, Techno, Urban, Elegant, Artificial, Multicultural, Industrial, Organic, Fantasy, Extreme, Progressive, and powerful) (3). Time+Context (Archaic, New Age, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Wild West, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Machine Age, Hollywood Heyday, Baby Boomer, and Counterculture) (4) Age Groups (Babies, Toddlers, Young Adults, Kids, Adults, and Seniors) This book not only explaining the typeface classification and the basic typestyle combination, but the colors psychology and then generating the color and sample of fonts. It's containing the formal details, of typeface communicate with viewers by igniting emotional responses and associations. Actually, it is not most recommended book for senior designer. But for quick guidance it is OK. You can find more book in the same kind on the internet. Thanks.

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    USF Highway USA Four
    KD Addison West
    ITC Wild West™ PI
    RoundUp Bold
    RoundUp Caps
    RoundUp Regular
    RoundUp Set
    RoundUp Shadow
    Go West
    Kyhota One
    Kyhota Two
    Ironhorse™ Normal
    Ironrider™ Normal
    USF Highway USA One
    JLS OverKill Hammer Family
    USF Highway USA Volume
    Wyoming Macroni Shadowed Right
    Kyhota Barbed
    Kyhota Fezdaz
    Kyhota Volume
    USF Highway USA Three
    USF Highway USA Two
    FNT Iron Pak
    Wyoming Macroni Shadowed
    Wyoming Macroni Pegged
    Wyoming Macroni Regular
    Go West Open
    West Of Here Regular
    Wyoming Macroni Set
    Wyoming Pastad Regular
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed
    Wyoming Spaghetti Bold
    Wyoming Spaghetti Plain
    Wyoming Spaghetti Set
    Kyhota Big Bottom
    Kyhota Big Top
    Muskitos Caps
    Wyoming Pasted Set
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed Left
    Muskitos Caps Shad Down
    Muskito Caps Volume
    Wild And Crazy
    Wild Growth
    Wild Sewerage
    Wild Thing LET
    North West
    Vglee Regular
    American West
    Key West
    Threepoints West
    West Wind
    Go West Open Fill
    Wild Basic
    Wild And Crazy SFX
    Wild Style Basic
    Threepoints West Italic
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Trail
    Wild Words Lower
    West Coast Antics NF
    Wild Thing™
    Wild Thing Thing
    Wild Ketchup BTN
    Go West Family
    Go West Open
    Go West Regular
    Wild Sewerage Regular
    West Cut In
    West Italic
    West Regular
    CA Play Wild
    Imperio West
    Go West Open Fill
    American West Regular
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Family
    West Wind Regular
    West Wind Trail
    Roadway Condensed
    Roadway Regular
    Yuma West
    West Cut In Italic
    Bandoliers Beefy
    Bandoliers Shaved
    Bandoliers Slim
    Birch™ Regular
    Wild Words Lower Intl
    Circus Regular
    Wild Ketchup BTN Outline Shadow
    Runic™ Condensed
    KD Addison Circus
    P22 Way Out West Critters
    P22 Way Out West Regular
    P22 Way Out West Slim
    Quanta West
    Latin Condensed
    Woodgrit Heavy
    ARB Pak 1
    Wild Growth Regular
    West Coast Antics NF Regular

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