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    1 matches comment Hi I'm looking fonts to can write West Coast Choppers. Please help me. Rgrds Darek - Poland
    13 matches comment Does anyone know of a handwriting-like script font that connects between adjacent words? I know this sounds strange but I'm creating patterns for a scroll saw and having the words connected together would help. Thanks!
    10 matches comment I was told this was Buffet Script but I compared it to the sample on Veer.com and, though similar, it doesn't seem to be identical. Can anyone identify it?
    11 matches comment I would like to know if there is an alias for this font. I resembles Walt Disney font but that's not it. It is used by embossed graphics companies for their printing. Can't seem to find an alias anywhere. Thanks for any input
    7 matches comment I am trying desperately to find a free font to match Bickley Script (it just needs to be similar). Can anyone point me in the right direction? I found a link to it doing a search here, but it didn't work. If you can find something for me, you'll be my hero forever.
    7 matches comment Hello people! I watched the film "Hairspray" and that script font called me the attention. See this script font of 60s: 1) Pay attention in that old blue box "eange spray": http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2007_Hairspray/2007_hairspray_052.jpg 2) Pay attention to that orange box "ny Collins": [img]http://images.broadwayworld.com/upload/16093/HS13007.jpg[/img] Thank you! Gustavo
    8 matches comment searching for this no match at WTF ...in Didots families probably but the 's' is special along with the 'e' attached (in red)
    5 matches comment Hi all, I am looking to create a script logo similar to the Detroit Tigers script font, and was wondering if anyone is able to help me identify it, or let me know if it is a custom design? Saturday Girl is close, but not close enough. Any help would be appreciated.
    4 matches comment Please help me ID the script font. It was done on a Mac and seems close to Belphebe and Flemish Script, but it's the H that's throwing me off. thanks!
    6 matches comment Hi. I've been trying to identify this font. I've been seeing around quite a bit and I kinda like it. Can anyone help?

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    West Coast Antics NF
    West Coast Antics NF Regular
    Barbary Coast Normal
    East Coast Frolics NF
    East Coast Frolics NF Regular
    Go West
    Go West Open
    West Of Here Regular
    North West
    American West
    Key West
    Threepoints West
    West Wind
    Go West Open Fill
    Threepoints West Italic
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Trail
    Go West Family
    Go West Open
    Go West Regular
    West Cut In
    West Italic
    West Regular
    KD Addison West
    Imperio West
    Go West Open Fill
    American West Regular
    West Wind Centered
    West Wind Family
    West Wind Regular
    West Wind Trail
    Yuma West
    West Cut In Italic
    SG Bank Script SB Regular
    P22 Way Out West Critters
    P22 Way Out West Regular
    P22 Way Out West Slim
    Quanta West
    West Complete Family Pack
    West of China™ Regular
    P22 Way Out West Complete Family Pack
    Psychedelic-Fillmore West
    Felicity Script
    Dead Mule-West
    P22 Way Out West Critters
    Trump Gothic West
    Dead Mule West
    Casual Script Script
    Trump Gothic West Bold
    Trump Gothic West Italic
    Trump Gothic West Medium
    AZ Script
    Gf Script No 2
    Gf Script No 4
    Gf Script No 5
    Sarah Script
    Sloop Script Two Script
    Trump Gothic West Bold Italic
    Trump Gothic West Medium Italic
    Saxony Script Script
    English Script Script
    TXTBrush Script
    TXTSloppy Script
    Linotype Sunburst™ West Heavy
    Linotype Sunburst™ West Regular
    RoundUp Bold
    RoundUp Caps
    RoundUp Regular
    RoundUp Set
    RoundUp Shadow
    Trump Gothic West Bold
    Trump Gothic West Medium
    Trump Gothic West Regular
    Sackers™ Script English Script
    Sackers™ Script Italian Script
    GPCasual Script
    Kyhota One
    Kyhota Two
    Ironhorse™ Normal
    Ironrider™ Normal
    Julisa Script Script
    Motter Air Regular
    Motter Regatta Regular
    Gf Script No 2 Alternates
    Gf Script No 2 Borders
    Gf Script No 4 Alternates
    Gf Script No 4 Ornaments
    Gf Script No 4 Scratch
    Gf Script No 5 Alternates
    Gf Script No 5 Ornaments
    Le Script-Big
    Le Script-Bold
    Le Script-Regular
    Le Script-Thin
    My Script-Caps
    My Script-Plain
    My Script-Swashes
    Natalie Regular
    CF Sinclair Regular
    Bounce Script

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