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    9 matches comment The least I can suggest: 1. Retro 2. Display / Headline (although this could be rather unclear to most non-typo addicts) 3. Condensed (I know, most fonts that are Condensed have it written in their filename, but anyway) 4. "Normal" is okay, although it should be "Text" 5. DaFont has Cartoon AND Comic, which are quite good descriptions. We have Cartoon, but we don't have Comic Any other suggestions are welcome. Alex? PS. Also would like to see "Slab Serif" category, just in case :)
    3 matches comment I have this cheap True Type knock-off of a common display font that many of you probably know very well. I use this so frequently, I'd like to know what the original / professional version of the font might be labeled. Because it's so common, I thought there would be some sort of original available in OpenType, but I'm not aware of it. Thank you in advance!
    2 matches comment Futura Display manually slanted.
    2 matches comment a free version of futura display d but close enough for me it is called Makimango http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=makimango all caps
    1 matches comment Electra Display seems to be the one.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #13262 If a picture says more than a thousand words then what do four pictures tell us? RF, I would not worry about the Volkswagen TS too much. After all that is a clone too. It all started with the VAG (Volkswagen Aktiengeselschaft) Rounded. Cloned and copied by about everyone. QBF with their dark history renamed it Volkswagen, which started it's life as Softmakers Volkswagen Serial Black, SSI copied it and named it Adera Display, CDExpertSoftware made a (bad) copy and named it Adira Display but forgot to change the naming so it still refers to SSI. The Anja Eliane is the Adira Display renamed. Edson & Eliane took the trouble to change the copyright and naming in the Microsoft Unicode section but never took the trouble to bother with the Macintosh section, which is exactly the same as the Adira Display. As is the deformed lower case a. I have not bothered to look at any other glyph. It is clear from the naming ...
    2 matches comment Used to have this one. Might have come with a software install. Now I'm looking for it
    3 matches comment This is cut from a Whole Foods flyer. When I downloaded the PDF I used the Touch Up Text option to highlight the text and under Properties it says the name of the font is MollyDisplay-WF. I've tried all the usual sites as well as just googling it and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have an alternate name for this font, or know a font that is very similar? Thanks!! J
    1 matches comment Futura Display and Eight Track
    1 matches comment Does anybody know of any fonts that display properly in a Flash movie that is played in low quality mode? You're an absolute gem if you do know of some fonts, most fonts are illedgeable. What I'm looking for is a low res. styled font like 'sydnie' or 'matchworks'. These fonts almost display properly because of the low res. style. Problems arise however, when they are set against a white background, all the insides of the 'Os', 'As', 'Ds' etc are non transparent (filled in). Whatever shall I do?! Please help!

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    Wearetrippin Display
    Wearetrippin Short
    Wearetrippin Tall
    Wearetrippin Short Bold
    Wearetrippin Tall Bold
    Display University Display
    Display Ardent Display
    JoAnne Display
    Blunder Display
    Darby Display
    Empire Display
    Display Ardent
    Display Art One
    Display Art Three
    Display Art Two
    Display Chamfer
    Display Dots Five
    Display Dots One
    Display Dots Seven
    Display Dots Six
    Display Exquisite
    Display Gothic
    Display Grungy
    Display Haphazard
    Display Intense
    Display Prominent
    Display Robust
    Display University
    Futura Display D
    Futura Display P
    Futura ND Display
    Gauche Display
    Kari Display A
    Kari Display B
    Kari Display C
    Lavigne Display
    Mercantile Display NF
    Olbrich Display NF
    Patchouli Display
    Pinion Display
    SAV PT Display
    Sovereign Display
    Telingater Display
    Display Crisp
    Display Grungy
    Futura Display EF
    Circles JY Display
    Display Exquisite Regular
    Acta Display Black
    Acta Display Bold
    Acta Display Book
    Acta Display ExtraBold
    Acta Display Light
    Acta Display Medium
    Apud Display Black
    Apud Display Bold
    Apud Display Medium
    Apud Display Roman
    Didot Display Bold
    Didot Display Demi
    Didot Display Regular
    Display Brutal Regular
    Display Inline JNL
    EB Bellissimo Display Bold
    EB Bellissimo Display Light
    EB Bellissimo Display Medium
    Futura Display Compress D
    Futura Display Outline P
    Futura Display SB-Regular
    Futura Display SH-Regular
    Gauche Display Hollow
    Glosa Display Black
    Glosa Display Bold
    Glosa Display Italic
    Glosa Display Medium
    Glosa Display Roman
    Ibis Display Black
    Ibis Display Bold
    Ibis Display Light
    Ibis Display Regular
    Kari Display A Italic
    Kari Display B Italic
    Kari Display C Italic
    Lavigne Display Bold
    Lavigne Display Italic
    Lavigne Display Light
    Leitura Display Italic
    Leitura Display Roman
    Leitura Display Swashes
    Locator Display Black
    Locator Display Bold
    Locator Display Light
    Locator Display Medium
    Locator Display Regular
    Mafra Display Black
    Mafra Display Bold
    Mafra Display Book
    Mafra Display Light
    Mafra Display Medium
    Patchouli Display Bold

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