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    10 matches comment ? i want the volkswagen font, golf & GTI fonts thanks in advance
    2 matches comment view details for free font #13262 Well, if this font is called "anja eliane, nornal", then what Volkswagen TS-Heavy is doing here?
    2 matches comment Hello! I am a student of design and I have got a term paper to write about ITC Serif Gothic. I cannot find anywhere any information about the use of it in any kind of media (advertisement, companies, headline, magazines etc.). Does anyone have some information about the use of this particular font? Thank you very much! Ziga
    4 matches comment Hi I am trying to find a font like the below badge. The V is pretty straight forward, but it is the 5 I am really after, but no luck in finding it yet. Thanks dm
    1 matches comment I don't know what font used PCB (i don't know what it is), bur AutoCAD, i think, used Myriad Headline[/b:61e1418c88]. You can get more info from here.
    4 matches comment The least I can suggest: 1. Retro 2. Display / Headline (although this could be rather unclear to most non-typo addicts) 3. Condensed (I know, most fonts that are Condensed have it written in their filename, but anyway) 4. "Normal" is okay, although it should be "Text" 5. DaFont has Cartoon AND Comic, which are quite good descriptions. We have Cartoon, but we don't have Comic Any other suggestions are welcome. Alex? PS. Also would like to see "Slab Serif" category, just in case :)
    2 matches comment Many tks.
    1 matches comment You could take Gill Sans or Humanist 521 and edit them if you're just making a title/headline.
    1 matches comment i found this one on www.ego-box.com, it looks so pretty. does anyone know this font? (the headline) : thank you guys =)
    1 matches comment chill man... shit ;) are you looking for the whole font or just the K that is important to you, or just the letters in the logo? Do you wanna do a headline of your project in that font?

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    Volkswagen Serial
    Volkswagen TS-Bold Italic
    Volkswagen TS-Demi Bold
    Volkswagen TS-Heavy Italic
    Volkswagen TS-Light Italic
    Volkswagen TS-Medium Italic
    Volkswagen TS-Regular Italic
    Volkswagen TS-XBold Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Black
    Volkswagen Serial Bold
    Volkswagen Serial Heavy
    Volkswagen Serial Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Light
    Volkswagen Serial Medium
    Volkswagen Serial Xbold
    Volkswagen TS-Demi Bold Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Black Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Bold Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Heavy Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Light Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Medium Italic
    Volkswagen Serial Xbold Italic
    After Headline
    After Headline Bold
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    After Headline Light
    Headline MT Bold
    Flat20 Headline
    Headline Helpers SG One
    Headline Helpers SG Two
    Publicity Headline
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    OLHebrew Headline Bold
    Breuer Headline Oblique
    Breuer Headline Regular
    Didot Headline Bold
    Didot Headline Demi
    Didot Headline Regular
    Eckhardt Headline JNL
    Generation Headline Bold
    Generation Headline Elephant
    Generation Headline Heavy
    Generation Headline Mammoth
    Glosa Headline Black
    Glosa Headline Bold
    Glosa Headline Medium
    Glosa Headline Roman
    Headline Gothic-Regular
    Kandt Headline Italic
    Kandt Headline Regular
    Leitura Headline-Italic
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    Leitura Headline-Serif
    Eckhardt Headline Slant JNL
    Generation Headline Condensed Bold
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    Generation Headline Extended Bold
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    Leitura Headline-Serif Italic
    CCStoryline Headline
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    HY Headline Bold
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    Linotype BlackWhite™ Headline
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    VAG Rundschrift™ Light italic
    Co Headline Corp Bold
    Co Headline Corp Light

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