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    3 matches comment Hi guys, Do any of you font mavens have an idea of what this font might be? To my relatively untrained eye, it looks something like Verdana, but the dots on the 'i', 'j' and ':' are circular, not square, and the numbers are simpler - there is no base on the '1', for example, as there is in Verdana. I've done all the Googling I can think of, to no avail. I'm afaid I'm an utter newbie to this stuff - I'm attempting to recreate some signs for my brother's business car after the old one was written off. I'm not sure I can repay font expertise in kind, but I will be very grateful if any sharp eyes out there can lend a hand (to mix metaphors rather badly). Cheers, -Tim West
    3 matches comment more like Verdana, kat :)
    2 matches comment The first one (red with blue shadow) could be many typefaces but I think it's a plain Verdana.
    1 matches comment I'm apparently too young for Peter and Jane[/i:2bacd312a7] -- sadly, no doubt. Since I'm not sure what you want, I'll just try to get closer. Are you looking for a specific font, or just any suitable 'rounded' one? If you are trying to match a font, can you provide us with any pictures? That would be the best help you could give. Since you've tried Tahoma and Arial, I'm guessing you're looking for a sans-serif. It wouldn't be Verdana, would it? Verdana is much more rounded than Arial, but comparable to Tahoma. Those're some of the questions I need to know before I -- or any of the others here -- can really help. Unless, of course, they know all about Peter and Jane[/i:2bacd312a7]. I daresay they might.
    1 matches comment And, for the body type, that depends entirely on the fonts installed. The style sheet used mumbles Lucida Grande", Verdana, Geneva, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif and later on Trebuchet MS", Arial, Myriad, sans-serif. As most people won't have the Lucida grande installed they will probably see the Verdana and the Trebuchet.
    2 matches comment NATURAL COSMETICS is {puke}Verdana{/puke}
    1 matches comment more obvious than you think: Verdana :)
    1 matches comment Looks like Verdana.
    1 matches comment Verdana will do.
    1 matches comment the problem is that everyone has to have that font installed on their computers for them to see it properly. unfortunatelly we are pretty limited like that... stick to atial, verdana, times, courier and the other standards to avoid such problem.

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