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    4 matches comment I have tired to find this font for the past couple days now! (see attached file) Fonts I have tried: -Bullpen- 'R' is wrong -Rockwell- close but the O's are not squarish -Athletic- too thick and O's aren't square enough I know a font that is similar, Stahl's Varsity, but I can't find it with out having to pay. Can anyone help me???
    5 matches comment When URW packaged it years ago - they gave it a name of Aritus - and they made AritusD-Bold and AritusD-ExtraBold as well as the AritusD-Regular. The only font I know named Brochure was a font that was a ripoff of Book Jacket - another nice face...
    1 matches comment It’s Varsity, but not the version from AF
    1 matches comment Varsity... The one here is funky looking, so here's a better one.
    2 matches comment or, you could just use the contour tool in PS to add the outline to varsity, college, etc...
    2 matches comment Cheers mate, it is that DS Nova type. Must have overlooked it when searching this site. I think those indents were done manually, as it is only used on the title. The script font, well the image is a picture from a jacket and the font you see there is an embroidery so that could explain why it's so 'messy'.
    1 matches comment ? I would purchase the typical fonts for baseball/football lettering as: PRO BLOCK, VARSITY, PIRATES, TIFFANY etc. Anyone can help me where to find them?
    1 matches comment Stahl's Varsity family of fonts are pretty much the standard. Stahl's dot com, I'm guessing is where to buy. They should come with other variations, such as sans and Stahl's Tiffany There's also plenty of free knock offs: College Ivy League Princeton Sport Spirit Artox etc.
    1 matches comment The name of the font is "Varsity"
    1 matches comment Anyone know what the font is on this jacket?

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