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    1 matches comment Vaguely - is Gary one of them? Or can someone help and spell this out? :-) Sorry to sound so dense.
    1 matches comment It is clearly not a font and I know of nothing that could even vaguely reproduce that. Alas.
    1 matches comment Hi there- I'm as good as certain that the letterforms for the "Woody" segment of the logo will have been hand-drawn. The "Woodpecker" segment may indeed be a font that I'm yet to find (like letterforms are identical, i.e. the "O"s and the "E"s). It could be, however, that this font was designed in-house and as such would not have been released into the commercial or freeware domains. However, I will keep my eye out. Sorry I couldn't be more help!! Vaguely, -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment hiya looks vaguely like captain podd, however have no idea about the letter "i" I have never seen that in a font I remember :o( sorry. http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=podd I do recognise the style but am arather rusty, I cannot remember, will look properly later on. let me know if u have more luck.
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