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    1 matches comment Heh...yeah I know. I don't have a font manager of any kind so if I don't know the name of what I'm looking for it can turn into a crapshoot in a hurry. Most times it's just quicker to give the old pen tool a workout :)
    2 matches comment Also have a look at the VAG Rounded.
    1 matches comment Try VAG Rounded
    3 matches comment Looks a lot like VAG Rounded.
    1 matches comment Hi, The image has a low resolution and I am not able to recognise the details. It's just look like a fututa rounded (AKA VAG rounded) stencil/open ... look in older threads and you find similar fonts: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/36534 http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/36523 Is the typeface rounded? See VAG-Round! Is the typeface close to VAG-Round? This might be a hand crafted modifikation? Bye bye
    1 matches comment Looks like VAG Rounded to me, but the condsensed is the one hat bugs me, as there is no VAG Rounded Condensed ...should look further. Yes, I think we have a winner: AG Book Rounded
    1 matches comment Hi, the Numbers looks a little bit like a skewed VAG-Rounded (Futura Rounded): http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=VAG+Rounded You should get the skewing angle by measuring the angle at the top of the 1 and the difference to 90°. It should be approx. 20°. Bye bye
    1 matches comment I'm a fontaholic, because I wouldn't have com back here ... Oh, just kidding. :) Question: When I log in and begin to write an answer to a thread, then a minute later I automatically will be logged out. I cannot write this fast - since English isn't my native language. So I have to copy my text, log in anew, open the wanted thread, paste the text and - hurry, hurry - klick submit. Could the log-in-time be somewhat longer please? Or is there a trick that I don't know? Have a nice day! Ute
    3 matches comment If it's not too late: Frankfurter, VAG rounded, Helvetica Rounded, Arial rounded are the most popular rounded typefaces.
    1 matches comment Ute? Big? Somebody please tell me what either of these fonts is! I really need to have at least one of them by two days from now or I'm going to have a bit of trouble on my hands. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Not to be rude, but please hurry!!!

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    Hurry Up
    Hurry Up Regular
    VAG Rounded
    VAG Rounded
    VAG Rundschrift D
    VAG Rundschrift EF
    VAG Rundschrift D Italic
    VAG Rundschrift D Light
    VAG Rundschrift D Light Italic
    EF VAG Rundschrift™ CE
    VAG Rundschrift™ Italic
    URW VAG Rundschrift Volume
    VAG Rundschrift™ Light italic
    VAG Rounded™ Black
    VAG Rounded™ Bold
    VAG Rounded™ Light
    VAG Rounded™ Thin
    VAG Rounded Regular
    La Carte Pen Pen
    VAG Rounded™ Cyrillic Black
    VAG Rounded™ Cyrillic Bold
    VAG Rounded™ Cyrillic Light
    VAG Rounded™ Cyrillic Thin
    VAG Rundschrift™ (D)
    VAG Rundschrift™ Light
    Doodle Pen
    EF VAG Rundschrift™ Regular
    EF VAG Rundschrift™ Turkish Regular
    Bold Pen
    Fountain Pen
    Houston Pen
    La Carte Pen
    Lamar Pen
    Norm Pen
    Payzant Pen NF
    ABTS Feather Pen
    La Carte Pen Bold
    Pen Tip DT Bold
    Pen Tip DT Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Regular
    Pen Tip DT Thin
    VAG Rounded Complete Family Pack
    Pen Tip DTLefty Bold
    Pen Tip DTLefty Regular
    Pen Tip DTLefty Thin
    Fabulous Felt Pen
    Pen Tip DT Bold Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Thin Oblique
    VAG Rounded™ Black
    VAG Rounded™ Bold
    VAG Rounded™ Light
    VAG Rounded™ Thin
    La Carte Pen Bold
    La Carte Pen Set
    Fabulous Felt Pen Italic
    Pen Tip DT Infant Bold
    Pen Tip DT Infant Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Infant Regular
    Pen Tip DT Infant Thin
    Doodle Pen Regular
    VAG Rounded Complete Family Pack
    Pen Tip DT Infant Bold Oblique
    Pen Tip DT Infant Thin Oblique
    Script Love Fine Pen
    Valeria Script Cola Pen
    Canto Pen
    Throhand Pen Italic
    Throhand Pen Roman
    Throhand FB Pen - Italic
    Throhand FB Pen - Roman
    Canto Pen Bold
    Script Love Fine Pen
    Throhand FB Pen - Italic Expert
    Throhand FB Pen - Roman Expert
    Throhand Pen Italic Expert
    Throhand Pen Roman Expert
    VAGRounded Black
    VAGRounded Bold
    VAGRounded Light
    VAGRounded Thin
    Houston Pen Regular
    Lamar Pen Regular
    Douglass Pen Regular
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Italic
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Bold
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Roman
    Yan Series 333 JY Volume
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Black
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Black Italic
    Yan Series 333 JY LF Bold Italic
    Featherpen High
    Featherpen Low
    Artegio Regular
    FG Emmy Regular
    Handsome Volume
    Naomi Regular
    FG Jordan Regular
    FG Nadja Regular

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