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    4 matches comment I downloaded the Pak Nastaleeq (Beta Version) font from this site: http://www.nlauit.gov.pk/downloads.htm It is a Windows TrueType font. The problem I have with this font is that while it installs on my computer, the letters do not connect. Is there any way (software, etc.) to get this font to work properly (have the letters connect)? I am using Mac OS X 10.4.8. If this is the wrong place to post this, could you point me to the correct place? Thank you.

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    Fallujah Family
    Fallujah Italic
    Fallujah Medium
    Fallujah Regular
    Handasi Regular
    Jalil Condensed
    Mehdi Kashidah 60
    Mutamathil Bold
    Mutamathil Family
    Mutamathil Italic
    Mutamathil Regular
    Nasrallah Italic
    Nasrallah Regular
    Silsilah Italic
    Silsilah Regular
    Yasmine Regular
    Amudi Bold
    Amudi Family
    Amudi Italic
    Amudi Regular
    Fallujah Bold
    Handasi Italic
    Jalil Bold
    Jalil Italic
    Jalil Regular
    Jazm Black
    Jazm Bold
    Jazm Italic
    Jazm Regular
    Mehdi Family
    Mehdi Italic
    Mehdi Regular
    Sabine Italic
    Sabine Regular
    Someri Italic
    Someri Regular
    Yasmine Bold
    Yasmine Family
    Yasmine Italic
    Neo® Sans Black
    Neo® Sans Bold
    Neo® Sans Light
    Neo® Sans Medium
    Neo® Sans Regular
    Neo® Sans Ultra
    Amudi Mutamathil Family
    Amudi Mutamathil Italic
    Amudi Mutamathil Regular
    Arabetic Serif Regular
    Fallujah Medium Italic
    Jalil Condensed Italic
    Jalil Kashida Condensed
    Kufi Mutamathil Italic
    Kufi Mutamathil Regular
    Mehdi Kashidah 60 Italic
    Mehdi Mutamathil Family
    Mehdi Mutamathil Italic
    Mehdi Mutamathil Regular
    Mutamathil Bold Italic
    Mutamathil Mutlaq Bold
    Mutamathil Mutlaq Family
    Mutamathil Mutlaq Regular
    Mutamathil Taqlidi Bold
    Mutamathil Taqlidi Family
    Mutamathil Taqlidi Italic
    Mutamathil Taqlidi Regular
    Sabine Kashida Regular
    Yasmine Mutamathil Bold
    Yasmine Mutamathil Family
    Yasmine Mutamathil Italic
    Yasmine Mutamathil Regular
    Yasmine Mutlaq Regular
    Handasi Font Family
    Jalil Font Family
    Jazm Font Family
    Nasrallah Font Family
    Sabine Font Family
    Silsilah Font Family
    Someri Font Family
    Amudi Bold Italic
    Amudi Mutamathil Bold
    Arabetic Serif Bold
    Arabetic Serif Family
    Arabetic Serif Italic
    Fallujah Bold Italic
    Jalil Bold Italic
    Jalil Condensed Bold
    Jalil Isral Bold
    Jalil Isral Condensed
    Jalil Isral Italic
    Jalil Kashida Bold
    Jalil Kashida Italic
    Jalil Kashida Regular
    Jazm Black Italic
    Jazm Bold Italic
    Mehdi Kashida Italic
    Mehdi Kashida Regular
    Mehdi Kashidah 180
    Mehdi Kashidah 300
    Sabine Irsal Italic

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