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    2 matches comment uploaded image need help figuring out what font this is..."modern skatepark"
    1 matches comment Thank you koeiekat!!!! You are amazing! My cats are fighting right now... don't suppose you could help with that too ;)
    1 matches comment should i even start fighting this battle? is it worth going on like this? maybe a sweet little 'find' will make it just worth enough... maybe i should cut myself and everyone off... i think, you are right, for now, it will be fine, Kat... :wink:
    1 matches comment Siiiii!!!! Spain wins the european championship! Fernando Torres made the goal of his life. Congratulations to iberia.
    1 matches comment Can anyone name the font used for "World Heavyweight Championship"
    1 matches comment Hi, I've been searching all over to try and I.D this font myself but unfortunately I haven't been able to find it. Here is a pic of it. [img]http://www.freewebs.com/champoworld/ChampMan9900.jpg[/img] I'm looking for the 'Championship' font. Thanks
    1 matches comment mumble ... Spanish national team ... mumble ... European championship 2008 ... mumble ... South Africa 2010 ... mumble ... shirts made in Indonesia ... mumble ... I don't think you convinced me ...
    2 matches comment It is just that others reading the forum will be wondering too what started this. So I'll tell them: you posted an oversized pict of a foot and asked what we thought about that font. We don't see a single character ... so The Kat comments, font? See skulls, a drawing of a foot is not a font. A font is a size of a face of a type. Understand? If not, try to start understanding the ultimate basics of typography. Because typography is what this site is about.
    1 matches comment [quote]Gustavo: Why did you call Yomar Augusto of shameless? Are you jealous of him and Brazilian type designers? I'm impressed with your attitud...[/quote] You have misunderstood KKat: What he meant is, the font (which was deleted from Dafont meanwhile) was a ripoff from the excellent work from Yomar Augusto. KKat was astonished about the fact, that a illegal clone was distributed freely. Shameless is the stealing not the original. Nothing more. You are fighting for the same case.
    1 matches comment Hi, XXII Ultimate Black Metal by Doubletwo Studios But it`s not on AF it`s on Dafont: http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file=xxii_ultimate_black_metal Bye Bye

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