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    1 matches comment Anyone know the font used for the "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" lettering on 50 Cent's first album? Thanks people.
    1 matches comment OK Rich. You are welcome. Zip with vector is gone.
    2 matches comment it is possible to embed, just be careful about the size of the font. For example, arial and few others because of their rich international and unicode character support are larger than 200KB. Add that to the page size... On top of that, not all fonts can be embeded as set by the designer... Unless you get software that can edit those properties.
    1 matches comment To need a woman You´ve got to know How the strong get weak And the rich get poor, as Bryan Ferry has put it a few years ago. Still, €50 are non that much. And the “classic” serifs are the tools I prefer.
    1 matches comment hey all- please take a look at www.placeboworld.co.uk, I am looking for a very similar font they use for the main headers (news, tour, discography etc) Please help! Thanks Rich :)
    1 matches comment Think they are rich enough to buy a letterer for this. No answers, too, from the WTF-Squad
    1 matches comment heeey, im still ignorant! But not doing the font matching anymore since i got bogged down at my paying job. maybe one day, when i am old, rich and content, i can return to my hobbies. just wanted to let you know that i do pop in here daily to read what you guys say :)
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15393 Compost can be rich in nutrients. It is used in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture. The compost itself is beneficial for the land in many ways, including as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, addition of vital humus or humic acids, and as a natural pesticide for soil.
    1 matches comment Alex, Alex and Propaganda I have to be very sincere with you. Unfortunatelly, there's no use warning or counselling the searchers of commercial fonts for free because they'll ignore your rules/laws, when you'll advertise/warn them not to use illegal and free commercial fonts, they'll leave your forum and will change to the pirate forum and they'll get there. I live in Brazil, I would like to show Brazil's reality: Brazilians are facilitators of piracy. Mnay months ago, I visited the Brazilian fonts site that offers only free legal fonts but I visited this site's forum and I got shocked, many and many Brazilians asked for the commercial fonts for free, as Optima, Zaphino, Alejandro Pablo's fonts, Helvetica Neue, Paratype, etc. I have already warned them not to use the pirate fonts but they ignored me. They mocked of me. The Brazilians also asked for these fonts for graphic and design works! The administrators or moderators almost didn't remove the illegal links nor the offensive topics. They were very absent. They don't want to pay the expensive fonts. You can say they're greedy. Yes, they're, but you don't know their reality. You're right to think that Brazil is a rich country, but you always say and think Brazilians are rich, but it's a mistake. It's a mistake from United States and Europe. In the pure and true reality, Brazilians are poor. The most of them live in favelas. And the people of medium class? They live in the urban, rural cities and favelas, but they don't want to pay, for greediness or because their salary is low. And the people of high class? They're rich and live in uran cities, but with much safety. They pay the expensive fonts. But they're the smallest group. I came to know, few months ago, which that Turkish guy uploaded an illegal Unity font at Dafont and it has been removed by you, but unfortunately it's still hidden in other sites. I found it at his mysterious site. For the wrose, I found deisgners asking the Unity font for designing and selling the T-shirts, at the T-shirt design forum and another man offerred that font to him! This is hard reality.
    1 matches comment Hey guys! I am looking for a team of crative and talented people to get together (not necessary physically) and work on something big that potentially can make us all rich and famous. I've got talent, energy, ideas and passion to create. let me know if you are just the same way, trying to find something to work on or someone to work on something with... ;) there, try saying that a couple times very fast...

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