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    1 matches comment I've been looking and looking for the Truth ad series font, there's a lot like it, but characters are different than the one in the ad...please HELLPPP...thanx.peace
    1 matches comment Hmm, looks more like Truth by Font Bureau.
    1 matches comment Thanks! To tell you the truth, I guess I never saw the font listed when I was looking around your site.
    1 matches comment Well done Lisa. I did not recognize it But I am a bit confused now. ITC says that this font was designed by Thomas Finke in 1991. But the copy on my PC says that the copyright is with Esselte Letraset 1990. Anyone knows the truth?
    1 matches comment I am truly sorry for my request. I didn't expect that such things would happen. Truth be told, I have started the habit of downloading a font, testing it, and either deleting or buying it. Sorry for the inconvinience, from now on I will ask for identification only and buy the font in hopes of getting good use out of it. Oh well, thanks a lot anyway Ute, you are a great asset to this site!
    1 matches comment Well, it would be interesting to know what brought about their renaissance. Design is such a strange entity. On one hand we have the Ikea-ification of the world and on the other hand we have the chaos that makes up contemporary print design (to which I might add: BLEGH!). Truth be told, I DO prefer a cleaner type...;)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14155 [quote]@koeiekat:Lauren, I mainly respond to what comes in. People are nice, I am nice. People are not nice, I am not nice. When tone changes, my tone changes. And as Kirk, who sucks, admits, coming in with blazing guns, what do you expect? Other posts where Kirk has used a more civilized approach have been answered that way.[/quote] @koeiekat, that is the truth.
    1 matches comment i know i should, and i was at the fact that i allowed to be convinced a couple of times. my trust is very expensive, he won't have enough money to buy it. i did SUGGEST a donation to AF. i'm cool as long as it is fair in the end and i think that we have exposed the truth. PS WOW [quote]You, and everybody else can see on the restored Urbanfonts forum pages how many of my posts ended on the Urbanfonts forum pages[/quote] extensive and quite telling... is the kat guilty of admiring the law? thank you for your dilligence and thoroughness, spidering WAS great idea!
    1 matches comment Well, nothing much to say after the dear KKat spoke the truth. But... But the Eagle is another close bird to the swallow. Well, if it weren't for the T and the apostrophe. And, yes, the KKat is right. Nothing to put a finger on it. UPDATE: There is the font City of. It's a lot cheaper... Haven't checked it, though, ...but maybe that helps for a while.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Yeah, it seems very difficult to get any information about any of it. If i remember correctly, fontalicious was quite popular half a decade ago. His fonts were all over the place (not to mention his graphic designs were lots of fun), yet no one seems to know anything about him or what happened. I take Koeiekat's comments with a grain of salt, as I have read in the past quite a few crazy theories. I personaly can't believe fontalicious would be bothered by gray suits, when so many font pages are still offering his work, some selling it still. (i won't name names, but you know who you are frontbros) Most people seemed to believe he was too busy with fanclub to bother with fontalicious. But even that page seems to be out. So, truth of the matter is, this deserves it's own thread, or better yet, hard investigative reporting. Untill then, thanks everyone for your help! I will post some of my homemade fonts once I'm not so busy! =] -ipa

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