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    6 matches comment Try LadyTimeless' site: http://www.ladytimeless.org/siteindex.html Check under the frames and dingbats links. You might find some other interesting things there as well.
    3 matches comment Can someone identify this font? We have to re-letter their truck TODAY which they supplied lettering for, but their diagram was off-centered and now we have to re-do the phone #. Help! Thanks!
    3 matches comment Did you try the dingbats dept.?
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12872 vidas secas dingbats
    3 matches comment Anyone know of a good Fish dingbat font? Ive got all the ones from dafont.com, basically they need to be solid black silhouettes of fresh/saltwater aquarium fish-- ie) chiclids, angelfish, plecos, and the like
    1 matches comment uploaded image Please meet Jackies new happiness, Ollie. The former dog-friend of her, Bogie, was killed by an UPS-Truck earlier this year …
    2 matches comment view details for free font #13607 fallout game
    1 matches comment I'm new on the forum and want to say hello to you all. :) I'm also looking for help. ;) I'm searching for two dingbats named P'tit-déj[/b:0ce3dcff5e] and Paradise's fruits[/b:0ce3dcff5e]. They can be seen here . The links don't work so no use clicking... I'm also looking for an old small pixel font called Lemuria[/b:0ce3dcff5e]. It's referred to here and there but the file itself can't be found. Any one has them or knows where to find them? :confused:
    1 matches comment i am trying to find the font in the logo for the rush, i have searched and have come up empty handed, thanks for checking
    1 matches comment Hi,I saw this truck in Bristol in the UK and wondered what the font was. Would love to know, any feedback is much appreciated. :) I thought it might be Bookman swash but it doesn't seem 'swirly" enough.

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    ITC Zapf Chancery & Dingbats Volume
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