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    4 matches comment Can someone help me identify the font used for "The Dark Tower" comic book cover?
    1 matches comment schwalbenkoenig Thank you for the hint and I will do it now. I am trying to do my research via the internet from home as I try to match the broken china I have collected over the years together. Unfortunately I do not have time to go to the Pottery Museum in East Liverpool, Ohio where some of the remaining KT&K records are located. I was there in the seventies and have communicated with them this year. The museum is understaffed, and their records have only been partially cataloged.
    1 matches comment Hi There, Could any of you please help me with font, It's similar to High Tower Text but not 100% correct Please if you could help. Thanking u in advance!!! Cheers Johan
    2 matches comment Oh yes, RECORDS seems to be Bank Gothic Light.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10351 records, record player, tape, vinyl, turn tables, dj, people
    2 matches comment I am going to paris in december and i need to get from the main Paris Nord train station to one of 2 metro stations in Paris near the eiffell tower (so that i can find my hotel) how do i dinf out in advance how to get from the main station to a metro etc and what lines to go on.
    1 matches comment Unda isn't freeware. You may find similar free fonts here: www.fontseek.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unda Series 1 and 2 All specimens listed here: Look samples: Ute
    1 matches comment Baby Wicked is Bickham Script with Alternate capitals. The from pinkomania suffering unreadable text under good girls records probably too.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #366 Hi, just for the records: http://www.pixellogo.com/F-Redondo-p-19181.html Is this the font? And how you figured it out? Bye Bye
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, there was a late answer ... Pendragon FLF by Casady & Greene: http://www.moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/casady_greene/j_p.htm Just for the records ... bye bye

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