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    1 matches comment Similar to (Wingate JNL-Regular)
    1 matches comment Heron2001 discovered Shipped JNL Regular from Jeff Levine for the logotype of this musical long ago. Of course you have to erode it and box it for yourself.
    1 matches comment Hi, it's a kind of 19th textura (Old English) but it's modernised. See "Same Old English" by JNL: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/jnlevine/same-old-english/ This font is a little bit similar. The letter "a" in the example looks handmodified. It's might be a logotype based on a modernised Old English/Engravers Old English/Wedding Text. Bye bye
    1 matches comment I thought that I had this one in the bag! And it would have worked if it wasn't for the f's....does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks! Nicole
    1 matches comment uploaded image Says Myfonts: Groovy Happening JNL The long-awaited extension of the freeware font Action Is, this Sixties-inspired typeface has an added lower case and additional glyphs including accented characters. Looks like 'Action is' was redrawn to create the 'Groovy Happening'. The lower one, Action is, is a bit muddy (to my taste).
    1 matches comment Hi I'm looking for the font in the pic,(the black one) if anyone knows what's it called and/or knows where to find it, please let me know. thanx
    1 matches comment I am looking for the font of this logo, but can't find it anymore. Can anyone help me please? Thnx!
    1 matches comment Tom, I'm afraid there is no such thing around. Looks like someone has been very creative with an existing font and a bag of nails.
    1 matches comment It's just that I'm so happy because I've bought that nice *** font package from *** and – while available also for download only – it came in a nice package with stickers, a mousepad, the *** font catalogue and other gifts. And the cd was, well, is in a small, printed fabric bag. It even took only two days from the States. I'm almost drooling. Can't wait to use them for a project.
    1 matches comment That's the 'Passions Conflict ROB'. Commercial I'm afraid. But, again, uncle Google comes to the rescue. There must be love in the air! Or zideanart in Vietnam. Pack your bag!

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