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    1 matches comment I'm going to have to defend everyone. Although Kat is right, everyone want's something for free, I was overly thankfull just to get the name of the font, my company would have still bought it because we HAD to have it. So yeah this site needs to support the people paying the bills and if any of them were to produce the font in question, then no doubt they should have been the people Tornquist provided a link to. I'm greatful to Tonrquist for saving me time and money, not just because the font turned out to be free, but the amount of time saved by not having to visually search for the font any longer was great. Not being a fontaholic myself, it was painful. I used to participate in many developer forums ( back when I had spare time before I got married ) and I understand the reasoning behind Torn simply being happy to help. I used to learn more trying to help others and getting feedback on my suggestions than I did doing my repetative same old thing all day developing apps. And I would think that if Alex implemented the tip jar in the manner suggested, just as an "if desired" means of showing gratification, it should not detract form the sites supporters. Again, I would have gladly bought any font that turned out to be the one I needed, but I still would have liked to be able to show my gratitude to Torn for pointing me in the right direction. This would have been irregardless of the price of the font. So if the tip jar makes it past powers that be... What would be a reasonable tip?
    1 matches comment it's ok Torn, I'd be a fool to get mad at ppl for doing this. Especially ppl who deserve [img:be9d21c31e]http://abstractfonts.com/forum/images/appl.gif[/img:be9d21c31e] ! :D well, im finally back online after the power blackout which cut me short of, uuhm, everything.... It was the largest blackout in 40 years... Anyone else affected?
    1 matches comment The Bolton family are payware? I found a page -- well-set-up, too, not the look of one that'll be torn down any second -- on which a person who claimed to be the designer offered up the whole family. For free, of course. Damn, now it's time to get all disillusioned about Human Nature again. Sure, everyone offers fonts for free ("because I know you'll never use it for commercial stuff"), but claiming to be the designer? That's just wrong, wrong, wrong. I'll go Google it now. Maybe I'm mistaken -- I hope so. *** Googled, and found the site. Still there, still claiming to be him, and I've gotta say it looks genuine. (Select "Bolton" from the upper drop-down to see it in use and DL the *.zip file.)

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