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    1 matches comment ? quiero saber si alguien sabe cual es el font de las letras del logo de Mtv por favor especialmente las letras tv, les agradeceré mucho
    4 matches comment Hi there, I would like to know which font was used for the logo of America's Next Top Model. Searched Google allready, but simply can't find it. Please help!
    5 matches comment Hey guys, My problem is that I have to know the font used in our sports club's logo. Unfortunately nobody in our club knows the person who created this logo and my task is now to recreate it. I think two types of typeface have been used... One in the middle and another one in the top and bottom of the logo. Thanks in advance!
    4 matches comment Just wondering what this font is please Many thanks in advance : ))
    3 matches comment Excellent article for all you font aficionados. via FontFeed http://fontfeed.com/archives/top-ten-typefaces-used-by-book-design-winners/
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15487 Esta tipografía fue mi primer contacto con diseño de tipos. Es una fuente para uso en grandes tamaños o display pues el tema del kerning y otras cuestiones de construcción no están cuidados. A cambio, la tipografía tiene 720 glifos diseñados con mucha confusión, y es por este potaje de letras y símbolos que la he llamado Fabada.
    3 matches comment uploaded image what font is that?
    3 matches comment This font was used in my church on the hand-outs and I see it as great for certain types of art, but can't seem to track it down. Has anyone seen it anywhere?
    1 matches comment Anyone have any ideas what these fonts are?....I thought the top was Serpentine but there are some differences...the bottom looks like arial or some kind of block I think I can find something close it is mainly the top that is tricky....it is like one of those you know you have seen but can't remember the name and it DRIVES YOU NUTS!
    3 matches comment and then you poseted that every day... the same thing... sorry lost but you are arguing a lost cause. as i said, reply to your own message and it will bump the whole thread to the top as the threads are sorted by the date of the latest post in the thread.

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