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    1 matches comment the sample comes from a us-made toy set thanks for any suggestion
    1 matches comment you will have to flip the "r" but otherwise here it is: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=toy.c
    1 matches comment Hi I am rebuilding my Manta Force site and was wanting to use the font that was used to create the image attached, can anyone help me. Cheers Columbo1977
    1 matches comment Hi, I am creating a document for a toy company. I need a round sans font similar to porky's, but without the rotated characters. A porky's straight if you will. I haven't been able to find anything similar, altough dreamspeak seems like it would compliment well. I need a font that will be used for headers, and a font that compliments for larger bodys of text. Any suggestions? thanks
    1 matches comment I don't know what the name of the original font is, but I found one that is very similar. Check out the letter "p" archive and it's called Play Toy on page nine of the archive. Hope this helps! http://www.1001freefonts.com/index2.html Jenn :) ::Jenn's Jewelry:: http://members.home.net/jennsjewelry/
    1 matches comment [img:229ac76a36]http://www.djyy.com/font/1.gif[/img:229ac76a36] [img:229ac76a36]http://www.djyy.com/font/2.gif[/img:229ac76a36] [img:229ac76a36]http://www.djyy.com/font/3.gif[/img:229ac76a36] [img:229ac76a36]http://www.djyy.com/font/4.gif[/img:229ac76a36] samples comes from toy box where to find these lovely fonts? thanks.

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