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    2 matches comment Unable to identify the exact typeface used here, but it's at least similar to Tipemite Oblique, which I'm not looking to pay for. Any suggestions as to other fonts (commerical or free) that may do the job?
    7 matches comment I'm looking to match the text of the subtitle in this banner: www.successinsoccer.com/aBanner468x60.gif It's similar to Serpentine Bold Oblique overall, but different in lots of little ways. Has anyone seen it before? Or do you think it's a custom job? Thanks in advance!
    3 matches comment I'm looking for a font I can download for free that contains both oblique and italic styles. I'd also like the choice of a san serif and a serif face. Thanks!
    2 matches comment I downloaded it yesterday, and didn't install it until today . . . and I'm sorry, but this is just another oblique version (as opposed to the italic). My computer could've generated an oblique. I've found a few oblique versions online -- less of them than roman, but still a few. I'd really wanted the true italic, which is apparently still elusive. I did a 'What the Font' search and came up with the commercialware font Cochin Italic (seen here ). Apparently there's no freeware version -- and if I were going to buy it, it'd be $79 for the family, which doesn't even come in TrueType (from fonts.com, anyway). Thanks very much for your help anyway. And I like your smilies' band! I guess I'll just have to keep looking for Albatross/Cochin Italic, whichever its real name is. --Liana (If there's anything else, my e-mail's lianagoldenquill@hotmail.com. Thanks for your help.)
    2 matches comment La tipografía gratuita que más se asemeja a la pegatina de Nurburgring es "STERNBACH-OBLIQUE" The most similar font about Nurburgring is "STERNBACH-OBLIQUE" look for it. Its free!!
    1 matches comment I can't remember the original typositor name for this - but the closest I can see digitally is Priory Bold Oblique http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/classic/priory/bold-oblique/
    1 matches comment I think Futura Condensed Bold Oblique will do.
    1 matches comment You probably mean Youthanasia. Edit: And the hand is theWorstveld Sling Extra Oblique. Might also be the Worstveld Sling Extra 2 Oblique. Different g, m and n.
    1 matches comment Ready to mow is the Franklin Gothic Heavy Oblique.
    1 matches comment FUTURA EXTRA BOLD - Condensed and Obliqued for Of Thirteen? http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/futura/ef-extra-bold-condensed-oblique/ and Extra Bold Oblique for HALF http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/futura/ef-extra-bold-oblique/ condensed slightly by machine.

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    Tipemite Oblique
    Tipemite Italic
    Tipemite Regular
    Tipemite™ Oblique
    Tipemite™ Italic
    Tipemite™ Regular
    Decomic Oblique
    Italican Oblique
    Italican Oblique X2
    Russell Oblique
    Tipemite™ Complete Family Pack
    Italican Oblique Condensed
    Italican Oblique Expanded
    Russell Informal Oblique
    Stencil Board Oblique JNL
    Controller Five Oblique
    Controller Four Oblique
    Controller Three Oblique
    Azabercna Oblique
    Bipolar Oblique
    Blacktie Oblique
    Chandler 42 Oblique
    Gaspardo Oblique
    Morgan Ps Oblique
    Morgan Sn Cn Pi Oblique
    Morgan Sn Pi Oblique
    Controller One Oblique
    Controller Two Oblique
    GPMetro Bold Oblique
    GPMetro Light Oblique
    GPMetro Medium Oblique
    Navtilo Bold-Oblique
    Navtilo Regular-Oblique
    Continuo Oblique
    FreeSet Bold Oblique
    FreeSet Book Oblique
    FreeSet DemiBold Oblique
    FreeSet ExtraBold Oblique
    FreeSet Light Oblique
    Tekton™ Oblique
    Fono Expanded Oblique
    URW Bodoni Oblique
    Alphaville Oblique
    Altrincham Oblique
    Alum Oblique
    Ambule Oblique BT
    Antigen Oblique
    Artichoke Oblique
    Ataribaby Oblique
    Atria Oblique
    Avaloc Oblique
    Avenir Oblique
    Bellamie Oblique
    Bentwood Oblique
    Bighead Oblique
    Biortec Oblique
    Birac DT Oblique
    Blound Oblique
    Boxcar Oblique
    Bree Oblique
    Bronzino Oblique
    Burlington Oblique
    Caluminy Oblique
    Carnova Oblique
    Ceanannas Oblique
    Cerulean Oblique
    Charbonne Oblique
    Chatter Oblique
    Chennai Oblique
    Convex DT Oblique
    Corcaigh Oblique
    Cordin Oblique
    Cyne Oblique
    Czaristane Oblique
    Damure Oblique
    Datdata Oblique
    Denigan Oblique
    Diablitos Oblique
    Dienstag Oblique
    Dieselis-One Oblique
    Dieselis-Two Oblique
    Dieselis-Zero Oblique
    DimeOtype Oblique
    Diphtong Oblique
    Disorder Oblique
    Doire Oblique
    Doubleoseven Oblique

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