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    1 matches comment I looked at the pdf file it gives me this MSTT31138a4a51100 true type ansi and x904e0210 true type ansi I will start looking in the Czech font, I starting to wonder if the translater of this bible pdf made their oen font up. ???? with a mix of timesnewroman and their own stuff. Well thanks for your advice. JK
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, i have a pdf doc with sanskrit words, written in what i assume it timesnewroman. The fonts used are ananda svaras and bala 1. I cannot copy and paste the contents of my pdf doc into word as i dont have these fonts installed in word and it comes through all jumbled. I have tried looking for these fonts with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed.? please see attachment. the first part is what it should look like, and the second is what it becomes, when pasting in word.
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