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    3 matches comment Hi :) i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find the fonts on this page for free[/b:b2d87f89fb]? more specifically "Tiki Palms" "tiki surf" "tiki holiday" or "tiki sandals" ? thanks so much :) Tiki fonts
    1 matches comment ok, I think it's shag-exotica or tiki surf, with customization obviously, I can see that now :) After a more extensive search on google... Thanks! :)
    1 matches comment Hi, Tiki Palms by House Industries looks very close: http://www.houseind.com/fonts/tikitype [img]http://lettersetter.net/cgi-bin/ls?foundry=house&layout=Tiki-Palms&tb1=CHEER&tf1=smcp.0[/img] Bye bye
    2 matches comment ! Any ideas on this for something similar? I seem to be unable to post the image as an attachment. Here's a link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_faki7bAW2zg/StSWIeUBuJI/AAAAAAAAAfU/r4ACP60r9Vg/s1600-h/mermaid.poster.1.jpg Tiki Magic is dead on for most of it. Thanks so much! Ideas for the words "the" and "just"?

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