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    12 matches comment ! OK, Here it is again. Luke
    14 matches comment «It is really, REALLY sad, that in 2 weeks the histories of 2 huge font-forum-archives are gone. Please don't tell me that it's true.» wrote the swallow. Looks like open source was too vulnerable to hacking attempts. Or maybe Alex just wanted to develop his own software. Only Alex knows. For sure one day he will tell us. Anyway the way he described the open source forum software could in no way be considered a compliment. It couldn't even be considered sarcastic or even ironic. And, what Rodolphe is doing? Who knows? Just a short line of explanation would have been nice. Both here and there. From an email discussion with Alex about the history of this forum these quotes: «... old forum is gone forever, at least for now, ...» and «... you are correct. i will make an effort of recovering the knowledge burried with the old, insecure, 3rd party, ** $#$%^*(^@!#$) ** (not to be revealed to the world) of a forum.» Also see the thread with my discussion with Alex: «THING!! --- The history has gone. Many things that already have been answered now can not be referred to anymore. Can you keep the old forum up as read-only?» In short I can/must accept that Alex doesn't want to keep an insecure - vulnerable forum up. Too many attacks. But keeping it up as read-only should be possible. Not the nicest of all solutions, true, but at least a solution. Or am I the only one who believes that a people without a history maybe a bunch of people but are not a people. Anyone out there supports me? ... nice to see you here heron ... (Alex, enjoy your holiday today out there in that cabin in the middle of nowhere).
    8 matches comment I've been having a bit of trouble figuring this font out and the business that used it for my company's cards is no longer around. Hopefully someone here can tell me which font this is. Thanks in advance.
    4 matches comment Hi - I am looking for a font to create our photography exhibition invitations and posters - the exhibition is titled "a thread - a web - a world" and I want a font that looks like a thread or a piece of string. I have found "rope" and a couple of others, but it is not "flowy" enough... I have also downloaded a few fonts from this site, but they don't seem to have any extension - just numbers eg: "12395" - how do I unlock and/or install these Thanks in advance! Mandi
    3 matches comment I second KKat: Thank you Alex, sounds very well designed I think. But some things would be fine (if you have some time ...;-)) - RSS-Feed. (please, please,please!!) - E-Mail to MOD when a new forum-thread was started. - a button to jump directly to the last entry of a thread (useful for long threads like this;-) BTW: I really like the collapse/Expand-option at the top of each thread!
    5 matches comment uploaded image Greetings, Ms Castelli, I never dreamed that I would have heard from you personally on this thread !! :D How strange is that?!?! Incidentally, thank you very much for replying here. If you're still following this thread, I would like you to know that I have created rough sketches of the rest of the capitals not represented in that book -- all 22 of them. Did you design the artwork for those capitals? If you did, I would very much appreciate your approval in my efforts to generate a digital font (.ttf or .otf format) of the entire 26-letter character set, using my sketches as a template for the overall design. I don't have any designs on selling it or using it for profit otherwise, but I have a website that I think would look better with those particular capitals in the text. I'm currently using Royal Initialen for that particular site's drop caps. It doesn't look bad, but I really like the style of the caps from that book. I've attached a sample of the sketches for the entire character set, with the originals from the book (I, S, T, W) at the top. If you are able to do so, I would be in your debt if you could get the original artwork ... does it include the enitre alphabet, or just the 4 letters used in the book? David
    2 matches comment 1. How many times do you want it? 2, Better to start a new thread for a new ID request. 3. Go here for a better image. But notice the difference in the d. Edit: This post refers to a thread in thread post about the Indian Airlines logo, Now deleted.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Sorry to dig up a dead thread here... I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know what alex posted in post #2? looks like he answered the thread starters question, but I don't see anything... Or.. is there a similar font? Thanks for any help! Sample attached... edit: The original thread's gone =/
    5 matches comment ...without pics :D I can't find the magazine in which I've seen a beautiful, elegant, rounded typewriter font. Maybe it was the «How to spend it» magazine with the last Weekend FT. God knows. I tried to search on MyFonts and the only one similar to what I've seen is LTC Remington Typewriter (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lanston/ltc-remington-typewriter/) but it is not exactly what I'm looking for. It is too “squared”. The one I saw was more soft, even lighter, with slightly bigger balls as serifs. Could you suggest me something?

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