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    11 matches comment «It is really, REALLY sad, that in 2 weeks the histories of 2 huge font-forum-archives are gone. Please don't tell me that it's true.» wrote the swallow. Looks like open source was too vulnerable to hacking attempts. Or maybe Alex just wanted to develop his own software. Only Alex knows. For sure one day he will tell us. Anyway the way he described the open source forum software could in no way be considered a compliment. It couldn't even be considered sarcastic or even ironic. And, what Rodolphe is doing? Who knows? Just a short line of explanation would have been nice. Both here and there. From an email discussion with Alex about the history of this forum these quotes: «... old forum is gone forever, at least for now, ...» and «... you are correct. i will make an effort of recovering the knowledge burried with the old, insecure, 3rd party, ** $#$%^*(^@!#$) ** (not to be revealed to the world) of a forum.» Also see the thread with my discussion with Alex: «THING!! --- The history has gone. Many things that already have been answered now can not be referred to anymore. Can you keep the old forum up as read-only?» In short I can/must accept that Alex doesn't want to keep an insecure - vulnerable forum up. Too many attacks. But keeping it up as read-only should be possible. Not the nicest of all solutions, true, but at least a solution. Or am I the only one who believes that a people without a history maybe a bunch of people but are not a people. Anyone out there supports me? ... nice to see you here heron ... (Alex, enjoy your holiday today out there in that cabin in the middle of nowhere).
    3 matches comment Well, KKat, you are right as always. But I didn't see the apostrophe as so obligatory for this typeface. As I saw it the first thing which came to mind is "oh, the apostrophe isn't original." Too round for this spikey thing. But maybe I'm wrong. I have seen so many altered apostrophes in movie/music titles, some of them came from commas. But you are right, none are a match, for me the C is the hard thing. :wink:
    4 matches comment [quote:3028962ec4="losttypist"] The K is the most important thing. I'm supposed to duplicate one of those mini cereal boxes for Special K and I can't draw the K. I was looking for a font that was similar so I didn't have to draw the entire thing. The rest of the letters aren't that important. [/quote:3028962ec4] If all you need is that "K" I'll make you the K if you want.
    1 matches comment It's a very strange thing: the "m" in I'm is different than so"m"ething, but similar as "m"ore collector: the "l" are different, so are the a"lways, tru"l"y and "l"ove but some are similar. same thing with the "e" coll"e"ctor, l"e"t, b"e"caus"e", smo"e"thing, mor"e". "s" in alway"s" and thing"s" are different than "s"omething. so are the "n"... the "o"... 2 of a kind each time. must be some alternate font
    4 matches comment view details for free font #15564 You want me to correct this and send you the zip? Other thing, ask Alex to withdraw this one from Abstractfonts and Rodolphe the same at Dafont (if submitted, I don't see it yet) and go commercial with this one. It is about time.
    4 matches comment Was that message the only thing on the page? Or did it appear in a yellow box at the bottom of the page? I'm glad that you like the changes. Are you able to upvote fonts?
    4 matches comment Interesting to see things to work out in the end. Sorry I was swamped with another series of 1000000 fonts that Ivan submitted. Thanks bro! I'm about to head out to play hockey so i will finish approving the remainder of your fonts Lauren tonight/tomorrow. One thing though, since those are your fonts you can/should set the designer, license, add them to categories etc. Glad you stuck around.
    4 matches comment Thankfully, there's some sample project in the MSDN Library, which uses GetGlyphOutline() with GGO_NATIVE. According to it's licence, I'm free to copy and paste anything anywhere! :D So I'll just have to copy some functions from that one into mine! That makes my job a lot easier. Not the kind of thing that I would have liked to do, but I've no other option now! Anyway, I'll try the changes you have suggested. There's a small mistake in your code - BYTE buffer[buffsize]; I'll have to use dynamic memory allocation, as bufsize isn't constant. :) Thanks!
    4 matches comment See? I always talk too much. I forgot to say one thing, the only important one. I'm sad for Roberto Donadoni. Exactly because he was one of the players of the striongest team I've ever seen – and probably wil in my whole life – on a pitch. But he couldn't have lost the match to a more illustrious and gifted man: that very Marco Van Basten. Congratulations and may your selection from a tiny country win Euro2008. I can't think of a better winner than the people who made tolerance and personal liberty their flag. Not that souvlaki and taramà were bad, not at all.
    3 matches comment Funny, first thing we were ever taught about computers was 'BACK UP" LOL

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