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    1 matches comment The Thesis-family. You can get it here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/thesis
    1 matches comment Not 50 but 25: Single CPU License U$25. If you want it for free for your thesis you will have to ask the author, you never know. But read this: Why fonts cost money.
    1 matches comment [quote:7bafbb4fe1="alex"]identifont doesnt do all that great of a job i am afraid and your eyes and memory start failing when you have to do it for 9,300 wacky fonts like AF has.[/quote:7bafbb4fe1] Was just qouting the Viking. However, the Identifont engine isn't that bad. The handicap is that it only matches the commercial typefaces for the suppliers Identifont represents and has a limited number of possibilities shown. Best to only use the letters that are very typical. But the same will go for what you are thinking of. In this case the l and p. Use the j and e only to verify. Follow the rules and Identifont, not that bad, does indeed id the face. It is one of the Thesis (Classic) family by Lucas de Groot, the type is Themix: http://www.identifont.com/show?L5 With an antialiased picture it is easy to go wrong to id a face but I gamble for the Bold. Yet might be the Semi Bold. http://www.fontshop.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=verity.search&startrow=1&records=20&currpage=1&totalrecords=10&searchby=&searchID=&searchletter=&searchstr=themix+bold&font_categories_checkbox=font_keyword_search&fontRendererText=Hjelp A somewhat rare type; a semi-serif. Hardly known before the early 90's. More about the Thesis: http://www.lucasfonts.com/lucasfnt/infos/infothesis_text.html [quote:7bafbb4fe1="alex"]What i am planning on writing is using whole bit of AI to do the thinking and memorizing for you, from a provided image. This will also be handy for things like "here is a pic of a font i like, give me 30 from this site that are similar". Doesnt that sound handy?[/quote:7bafbb4fe1] Before you start from scratch have a look at FontMatcher - http://www.terra.es/personal/infern0/ The last version, 1.03, is already a few years old so I assume development has halted. This freebee compares bitmapsize and is therefore not very accurate. Glyph/vector comparison would be better, I think, and more accurate. Nevertheless if you really have no clue what to look for it can be of help. Maybe you can take over development? Why not contact javi.gg@terra.es You may also want to have a look at FontExpert: http://www.fontexpert.de/english.htm. Also bitmap comparison. The online version, http://www.fontexpert.de/feforme.htm doesn't make me too happy. Requires images of each individual letter and then wants 5 Euro to reveal the name.

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