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    9 matches comment Im stuck trying to find a font to use with my logo any suggestions??? The company is a fire and security company and im not sure what would look nice. At the miniute im just using tahoma (a bit plain and boring)! My site were you can see the logo is at http://www.cfs-fire.co.uk Thanks all
    7 matches comment Please I have spent all day trying to find this font on the White Stripes album De Stijl. Any idea? The small e is nothing but 3 horizontal lines
    4 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Want to rework on the current font used in our logo. The idea is to project the organisation as a global company which is Innovative, offering High-end R&D products/services with Exceptional domain expertise who are Committed, Competent, Customer Focused and Quality driven. At the same time, we are young at heart and vibrant. We are a small Biotech company doing lot of high end R&D work. We provide software solutions to answer the challenges associated with Biotechnology and pharma industry for helping them solve problems associated with drug discovery. To know more about us you can log on to www.strandls.com. Your inputs would be really helpful. Thanks Saurabh
    3 matches comment Hi, I'm starting a small company and working on a logo. I found some great fonts here and just want to be sure that I won't get in trouble somewhere down the line. Some descriptions say free for personal and commercial use but some don't. Are all the fonts available for me to use as a company logo, and if not, how can I tell for sure which are okay for me to use. Thanks! lamirona
    2 matches comment if you what you mean is that you have an outline font and you changed the background to something else but white but still want the outlined part of the letters be still white, its not possible... at least there is no easy way.. you could do it in photoshop but i dont think it would be suitable for your purposes... sorry.
    2 matches comment Does anyone know what font the White House uses? I have been trying to copy it on my business letters for years but don't think I have it right. Please email me if you have the answer at: jkonugres@gmail.com
    2 matches comment Hello, i am MD of this company and we are aware there is no suitable fonts in the market. We also tried to develop may new ones but did not suit our idea. On behalf of my company i can provide many free-fonts. But we need help to satisfy our need as well. is there anybody to help me and my company please. I don't give description here being aware of duplication. Please contact meat everestbiodisel.com.
    1 matches comment I need to show this led finger light with a white background. But the light needs to be on and show a little color on that white background. If I just use a brush and white out some area around the light hitting the table then it does not look very good. I want to make a great looking photo to put on the front of this website. I would appreciate any help at all. There is a photo now on the front of this website www.----------.com of the finger light but they want me to change it to have a white back ground but show the color light. Thank you. Edit kk: off-topic, link removed.
    2 matches comment Hello experts I realy like to have the font, that the white house uses on its stationary (the name/logo). Does anyone know this (powerfull) font? Nicolai
    4 matches comment Oh yes, now I see: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/31938 So not urbanfonts nor inb0x nor their employees were the rotten apples, but some other company. Shame on them ...

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    Roger White . Teagan White external . The Groovy Company external .

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    White Lake White Regular
    White Rabbit
    White Lake
    White Magick
    White Wolf
    White Now
    Nobody White
    White Tie Affair NF
    Boldoni White
    Barkants White
    Buxus White
    Chipping White
    Chips White MF
    Dov White MF
    Jonah White
    Kidwriting White
    Klute White
    Porcupine White
    Titivilus White
    Baker Half White
    DS White Magick Symbols
    Viktors Raven White
    Jame EF White
    Little Joe EF White
    Splitter EF White
    BF Nobody White
    UniFont Fat White
    Baker Half White-Bold
    Bernardo Black White
    PIXymbols TV White Alpha
    PIXymbols TV White Numeric
    Volitiva White Seal
    CP Company Black
    CP Company Bold
    CP Company Light
    CP Company Regular
    Viktors Raven Caps White
    Walton Stencil EF White Rough
    Mrs White Regular
    ChristyMarie Black & White
    Geodec Fog White
    Haarlem White
    ITC Astro™ White
    Geodec Fog White
    Javelist Arm White 10
    Javelist Head White 10
    John Sans White
    Octagon French White
    EF UniFontFat White
    Titivilus White
    Dov White Regular
    EF Jame White
    EF Little Joe White
    EF Splitter White
    Porcupine White
    Mini Pics™ White Bread Regular
    EF Viktors Raven White
    Azalleia Versals White
    Tie Affair White NF
    Big Black White Xtra
    Big Black White Xtra Two
    Christy Marie Black & White
    Javelist Head White 10 Italic
    John Sans Cond White
    John Sans White Italic
    Vintage Gothic-White Face
    Walton Stencil AI-White Rough
    Octagon French White
    Fab White
    Bernardo Black White Regular
    John Sans Cond White Italic
    Vintage Gothic-White Face Italique
    Gans Titular Adornada White
    EF Walton Stencil White Rough
    Ale™ Signs White
    East India Company NF
    Gotham Rail Company NF
    Chipping White
    CP Company Bold
    CP Company Black
    CP Company Light
    CP Company Regular
    CP Company Volume
    Albion''s White Christmas
    CP Company Complete Family Pack
    Gans Titular Adornada White
    CP Company Flash Big
    CP Company Flash Medium
    CP Company Flash Small
    CP Company Flash Volume
    Gotham Rail Company NF Regular
    Vato Land
    Vato Land DS
    Kegger Regular
    Yearling Italic
    Yearling Volume
    Chankbats Critters
    Chankbats Flakes

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