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    1 matches comment Convert it to a Postscript and let me die peacefully, as everything and everyone has to in the neverending mutations of the universe, as the Elves disappeared from the world of Humans. (I'm an hobbit, btw)
    3 matches comment any idea as to what this font is?
    2 matches comment view details for free font #13013 I've got an example of this typeface on a handbill that was printed in 1892. The story (including links to scans of the handbill) are at: http://joethejuggler.com/OldFlyer
    2 matches comment if you contract work out, to a professional or not, you are vicariously liable. the guys posted for him, the least he could do is read what they wrote. i have been conversing with this guy forever, and the story has changed MULTIPLE times. How come this never came up sooner? what is the name of the OTHER company? Why would you hire 2 companies to do the same stuff, anyway? im trying to get to the bottom of this without getting too attached to any of the accused, just yet.
    1 matches comment Also read the Cars story.
    1 matches comment Health & FItness was typeset in Futura Book. Howards - is another story... and one I don't know. Sorry.
    1 matches comment I really need some expertise in finding this font. It's the cursive one "Home is where your story begins. http://www.colorfulimages.com/371815.html Thank you SO much, Shannon
    1 matches comment just make it super sick and :D that be awesome! like job for a cowboy mixed with canible corpse
    1 matches comment so i guess the moral of the story is: check the character set to make sure that when you type in ALL CAPS it's going to show up. Sheesh! I can't believe I didn't think of that! Thanks, Kat.
    1 matches comment Same old story ... the intellectual property of the designer of a type, the shape as the eye sees it, is unprotectable (in the USA). Good thing for Disney that Donald Duck is not a type ...

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